Well, I didn't think it would become a trend, but in the world we live in, I'm not surprised by anything anymore. Last month we told you how the Artic Circle restaurant in Yakima, Washington, had decided to start hiring "REAL FRUIT SHAKES".

We took a deep dive into the logistics of why a company might do such a thing. It must have worked because that restaurant's billboard has taken down the "Now Hiring" part, and another restaurant in Yakima has decided to try its hand at hiring an outside-of-the-box type of employee.

Danny J Thompson captured the picture of the reader board for Ron's Tacos And Burgers (1529 W. Lincoln Ave.) and posted it to his social media.

"If you find yourself covered in cinnamon & sugar, Ron's is now hiring churros."
- Danny J Thompson

Fast Food Restaurant Reader Board
Pic Courtesy of Danny J Thompson

His friends seemed excited by the new employment opportunity!

"I think I found my calling!" – Kevin Oriz

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"Finally found a job for me!!" – Gabriel Beddoe.

With Kevin & Gabriel interested in this job, would they even pass the first stage of interviews? I looked at their individual Facebook pages, and they appeared to be human. Would the new employee NEED to be an actual churro, or would Dan's suggestion of just covering yourself in cinnamon and sugar meet the requirements?

When I reached out to Ron's Tacos and Burgers for comments, I got none, mainly because I did not reach out for a comment. I guess when it comes down to it, Nacho Supreme and Taco Salad just couldn't handle the task of feeding Yakima alone, so much so that they are now hiring Churros. Good luck, Ron's Tacos and Burgers!

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