Every band has incidents, accidents, and mishaps that become part of their mythos. Sometimes they're goofy Spinal Tap-level events, and other times they might land the band members in jail.

In our new video series, "Do-Over," we talk to bands about some of the craziest stories from their past.

Every Friday, we'll post another new episode of "Do-Over"; over the next few weeks, you'll see the members of Asking Alexandria, Kittie and Pop Evil as well as Dee Snider, talk about incidents that they wish they could do over. This week, we talk to the guys from Three Days Grace.

You can't say it enough times: don't drink and drive.

Three Days Grace learned this lesson early on in their career... and luckily no one had to get hurt. But the quartet needed to learn to play as a trio rather quickly.The band had a gig scheduled with Smile Empty Soul and Trapt at Penn State. And that gig was sponsored by Jim Beam. "What could possibly go wrong?" laughs drummer Neil Sanderson.

"I decided to get a little carried away on the Jim Beam," guitarist Barry Stock recalls. We won't give away the rest of the story here, but let's just say that Three Days Grace needed to quickly rearrange their songs so they could play them as a trio.

(Even though this story is funny, the consequences of drinking and driving can be deadly serious. Don't drink and drive.)

Three Days Grace -- the quartet, not the trio -- will spend the rest of the year touring in their native Canada and also in Europe. Get their tour dates here.

And come back next week for our next Do-Over, featuring Asking Alexandria.

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