While Yakima may not be the epicenter of fine culinary creations, we most certainly have a few inventions that are known across the country that were conceived right here in the valley.
Kwik Lok -- those plastic bread bag clips? Yup, invented in Yakima in 1952.
Ever seen a car with a Yakima Rack on its roof? They are named after the city in which the company was founded. The "racing stroller" known as Baby Jogger was the brainchild of a Yakima man in 1984.
While it's nearly impossible to know for sure, there is a lot of evidence that Cheese Zombies owe their existence to the area.

Former Yakima radio host Mike Bastinelli is now following in the footsteps of Dan Stephens by selling his family's recipe for marinara sauce in Wray's IGA (formerly Thriftway) stores called Bastinelli's Best.

Who is Dan Stephens? Let's back it up a bit...

You can hardly order a burger and fries without getting a side of Ranch dressing virtually anywhere. It wasn't until I frequented the now defunct Jack-son's Sports Bar that I came to find Deccio Sauce - and it was the closest thing I'd tasted that came close to Uncle Dan's Salad Dressing.

Uncle Dan's is hands-down the best Ranch Dressing and it was invented in 1966 right here in the Yakima Valley by Dan Stephens. Dan and his family moved to the valley from Bremerton, WA in 1963 where he soon became the "lonely" Maytag repairman. His family enjoyed Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing but, at the time, it wasn't sold in stores. Dan went to the drawing board and soon his own version was being sold locally at Wray's Thriftway and eventually throughout the Northwest.

While Dan admits that Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing was the inspiration for his his recipe, it only takes a simple taste test for yourself to realize that Uncle Dan's -- from right here in Yakima -- is the best Ranch-style salad dressing!

Don't believe me? Here is the man himself describing how it all came about:

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