It's an age-old question: When it comes to the male member, does its size matter?

Some ladies say that they don't find men's junk attractive in any way (which is a good enough reason to stop sending her "dick pics"!) However, it has been scientifically determined that other factors make one's wang more appealing than another.

A recent scientific study done by doctors in Switzerland on penile attractiveness, which was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, had women rank in order of importance, eight different factors that make for a good-looking weenis.

The results might surprise you:

1. "General cosmetic appearance."  In other words, it's not some freaky, crazy-curved johnson. It looks "normal."
2. Well-groomed hair
3. Girth
4. Nice looking skin
5. The shape of the head
6. Length. Yep. Length only came in sixth place!
7. The appearance of the testicles
8. The position and shape of the urethra. (WTF?!?!)

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