Ok, my mind is blown today. It never once occurred to me that the black lines serve a purpose on a school bus. I've ridden and passed school busses my whole life and it never occurred to me that those black lines that you see on a school bus serve a purpose. 

I've known for years what an amazing job school bus drivers do. They take our kids (our more precious commodities) to and from school every day and that alone is a huge responsibility but who would've known the bus itself is special in its own way!

I've known for years that the safest place kids can be when traveling to school is in a school bus.

A school bus is designed to take a hit and it's almost like a tank for kids.

The one thing I didn't realize and these facts blew my mind is that the three black lines along the bus hull serve a purpose beyond being colorful and decorative.

Here's their purpose:

The bottom line is the floor of the bus. The middle line is the seat line. The top black line is the top of the seats. These lines of the bus are reinforced, but they also let firefighters know where to cut in case of an accident.


My mind is blown by that revelation. I was perusing YouTube last night and I came across a safety video with a bus driver describing the lines and their function. I also realized that besides the black lines, the railings along the side of the bus serve a purpose as well.

Check out the video below for more details

After seeing the video, my mind was blown and now I'll never look at a school bus the same ever again.

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