I've driven by this bus for the past few weeks but I figured I'd actually stop by and check it out. I'm glad I did.

Taqueria Rolly’s on 56th and Summitview (Safeway corner) features a full menu including a few items that may not be found in other places like the Doritos nachos which are exactly what you think they would be. They have menus inside or you can simply shop by looking at the photos plastered on the outside wall much like how ice cream trucks have their menu posted.

This bus has been gutted and repurposed inside to feature a kitchen just big enough to fit everything they need and even has room for seating along the walls to eat. You can also take your food to go, if you wish. They have a couple picnic tables outside, but in this weather I'm not sure too many people will take advantage of that. It is an option, though!

Because it's a bus, it's not very tall-friendly or plus-size customer friendly to get into the door and stand inside the bus to place your order. You can always order in advance or, I'm sure if needed, just order from the outside window.

I grabbed a couple things to go and both were excellent. I'll definitely go back. I think it's a neat idea. Yakima is no stranger to taco trucks but this was the first one I've seen where you can actually go inside if needed.

Townsquare Media, John Riggs
Townsquare Media, John Riggs

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