I grew up in Wyoming, where there was every kind of spider that you can imagine for that climate there, every kind of bug that most of us know and some strange looking ones as well. I live in Yakima Valley now and there isn't much difference.Wyoming and the Yakima Valley are both deserts and the bugs just crawl like crazy. The bugs at my home nowadays should be from "Jurassic Park," I swear to God. A normal looking spider or bug somewhere else is huge in my backyard. Even the mice are bigger.

The bug you see in the photo? We used to have them in Wyoming. My brother and I used to call them "sand-puppies," but I really don't know the real name. This one was in my backyard and it is 10 times bigger than the ones that I am used to seeing. Jurassic sand-puppy of sorts.

Do you know what this bug really is, and have you actually seen one? Well, whatever it is, it is yucky!

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