The high temperatures have been  excruciatingly hot here in the Yakima Valley this week, with temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday nearing 105 degrees!
Normally, the average high temp in July is 88.

With that, we will still be short of approaching the all-time hottest days in recorded history out at the Yakima Airport Terminal. Hard to believe but if you have lived in Yakima or the valley in general as long as I have (since 1977) you know we've had some seriously intense hot snaps over the years. Good thing we don't live in our cars. The thermometer in my SUV yesterday said 114!

110 - August 1971
109 - July 2006
108 - July 1971
108 - August 1961
107 - July 1975 and July 2014

I know our air conditioner has been running virtually non-stop as we like to keep our home at around 72. Last night we completely turned the heater off on our hot tub (normally it is set at 104) and drained out about 20% of the water in it an refilled it with fresh, clean and cold water dropping the temp down to about 98. It was so refreshing!

Remember to keep fresh water available for your critters and if you have an elderly neighbor you may want to check in on them to make sure they have A/C, fans, swamp coolers, etc.

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