If you haven't heard, 1980s NBC sitcom ALF (Alien Life Form) is going to get the "REBOOT" treatment. It's still in early development with no network attached, but it sounds like the show is going to follow the same basic premise as the prior. An alien crash-lands into a suburban family's house, and they pretty much adopt him as an exotic pet. Now if memory serves me correctly, ALF ended its NBC run on a cliffhanger, where ALF was about to make contact with his home planet of Melmac and right when his Alien BFF's bring their ship in to pick him up and take him home, the U.S. government pops up and with guns drawn, the alien ship flies away and ALF is captured by the military. It never got a new season, leaving all of us to realize that ALF is most likely laid out on a slab dissected. Who am I kidding, that was in the '80s... he'd be floating in a jar in Area 51 by now. So with ALF getting the reboot, are we going to let Gordon Shumway (ALF) have another crack at stardom and be the top Melmacian, or should we look at another extraterrestrial to fill the shoes? Here's my top pics of aliens who could be in an ALF reboot.

#5 - A Grey

The most common of the visitors, they've already made it on the big screen in such films as Communion, Close Encounters of the Third Kind & of course X-Files. I could see all the mishaps of a family trying to convince family and friends, that "cousin Eddie" is just really sick... and albino. Although I can see if they go this route, and try to keep the show a comedy, it might turn into another version of Roger the Alien from American Dad.

#4 - An Asari

Anyone who has ever watched TV knows that sex sells, and when it comes to sex appeal & aliens, not many top the Asari race from the video game series Mass Effect. So how would this work in an ALF reboot? Instead of it being a sitcom, you get HBO to buy the rights, and turn it into a sci-fi/action/rom-com! In the Mass Effect story line, after humans travel far into space, and pretty much accidentally pick a big space fight with a species named the Turians (which we won FYI), the Asari were one of the key species to help in a truce. I could see a sitcom taking place right after the first contact war, where a lovely Asari moves into to a family's house to learn more about the human race, to help determine if they should be allowed into the Galactic Council.

#3 - A Klingon

CBS could buy the rights to the reboot and post on their "All Access" streaming service, making it so it won't last too many seasons. But I could see it played out many ways. Either after the first contact with humanity, one is captured and kept like a pet, and they can do a coming of age tale, of survival and beating oppression, or they could turn it into a buddy cop movie, and have more Klingons join the federation (like Worf), and go around the galaxy taking out the scum of the universe. Or if you don't like the Klingons for an ALF reboot, you can always do a show called "Keeping Up With The Cardassians" or "2 & 1/2 Ferengi".

#2 - A Wookiee

With Star Wars & Disney taking over the world faster than Amazon, if Disney decides to buy the rights to the ALF reboot, just like with Star Trek, they would have a load of aliens to choose from, but why not pick a race of everyone's favorite walking carpets... Wookiees! Yes, if they did the traditional formula of an alien crash landing on Earth, how would they do that with the Wookiees? Well, Star Wars is set a long long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Wookies have long life spans, and are very technically gifted, so whose to say they couldn't build a ship and fly and live long enough to reach our galaxy, accidentally crash land on earth in modern day. Plus if Disney played its cards right they could do a spinoff for a "Harry & The Hendersons" reboot.

#1 Xenomorph

With American Horror Story renewed for a 10th season, why not adopt the ALF story line for a horror spinoff? The main alien species from the Aliens franchise would be an awesome ALF/Horror. You could even keep it creepy with the alien crash landing in a suburban family's home, but for some reason it doesn't kill the family, but befriends them (maybe they nursed it back to health or something, Hollywood will figure it out) but then it goes around the neighborhood killing everything, and laying spores left and right, and face huggers etc. Yeah, this needs to happen.

Which alien do you think could be the next ALF?




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