The year was 2004. I was on the graveyard shift at 94.5 KATS. I don't remember if it was "Altered Rock" or "Timmy's Basement," but after midnight when my on-air shift ended and I had more free time, the April Fools' prank went into action. A co-worker (at the time) and lifelong friend, Jon "Jondis" Wilbanks, helped me gather up all of the newspapers in the entire radio building. From all the stations, all the departments, waiting room, everywhere!

Now a little backstory for those who might not remember some of KATS' history, before the Todd & Timmy Show, about 10-plus years ago, it was the Ron & Todd Radio Network. Ron was the boss of the station and had his own office, and his own bathroom. He HATED using any other bathroom that was public (allegedly). He also was a coffee drinker. Well, like clockwork, every morning at 9, as soon as he got off-air, he would retreat to his office ... and his bathroom. Jon and I crammed his bathroom full of newspapers! So packed that you could barely open the door.

Of course, everything went according to plan, Jon came into work early that morning to watch what happened. Ron was a good sport, didn't get mad, had a laugh, used another bathroom (very quickly from what I heard) and then went to "do the paperwork." Jon did assist him in the cleanup effort and loaded all of the garbage for a dump run that he was planning on doing. Now keep in mind, I worked till 6 that morning, graveyard shift, so while this is all going on, I'm at home sleeping.

Jon halfway to the dump had a great idea! Let's do another April Fools' Prank! He went to my house, where my car was parked and unlocked. He crammed 10-plus garbage bags full of newspaper into my 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (pictured). All while my sister-in-law sat on the porch, watched and giggled. She knew who he was, and figured I'm enough of a smart-ass that turnabout was fair play.


After he finished up, he called Ron and told him what he had done, much to Ron's delight, Ron called me around noon and woke me up with "Happy April Fools' Day Jackass!" To which I just laughed, and apologized, and said I'd be in to help clean it up. He told me not to worry, while at the same time, telling other co-workers "I just woke him up, he has no clue yet!" I said I'd still be in (payday in the days before direct deposit). Half an hour later, I'm dressed leaving my house, walked out to my car, saw it full with the news of today, and probably every day for the past several months. I laughed so hard! If I can dish it, I can take it. Jon came back over to help clean my car & the newspapers did get RECYCLED, and my car smelled like newsprint ink till the day I sold it. That, my friends, is the best April Fools' joke that has ever happened to me! Note: I now keep my car locked!



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