Finally, a news media (other than radio) gets it right for once. As they have in the headline Video games killed - nobody.

I'm a huge gamer so I have a strong opinion on this and always have. I've always said it's an excuse; a way out of not taking the blame on yourself. If some kid goes on a killing spree, they look at his hobbies. It makes sense for parents to believe that their kids killed because they listed to rock music or play video games or watch violent movies. And maybe it's also not because they were bad parents, it could be a number of things but one thing is isn't is because of video games.

I've never heard of a bulimic who blamed it on Pac-Man

I've never heard of a guy who was hit by a car jaywalking and blamed Frogger

Besides, if video games caused violence, I'd be a farmer from playing Farmville.


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