For the record, let me state that this is not a paid endorsement! I did not ask permission to write about this topic, nor does the business know that a radio DJ/website blogger was even there, let alone using the facilities. I did enjoy the full experience of my visit, but I must say, my trip to the bathroom was quite epic -- so much so I decided to tell the world.

Why was it so epic? Well, it wasn't the cleanliness that made me go, "wow." Don't get me wrong, it was very clean, but nothing above or beyond what is to be expected at a restaurant. It wasn't the spaciousness that impressed me, although being a bigger fella, I will admit I had plenty of shoulder room. It wasn't my fellow bathroom brothers who helped me have a great excreting experience. So what was it that frosted my urinal cake? The sound! No, I'm not talking about someone ripping a farting foghorn three stalls over, but it was the music. I must say the sound quality of the stereo speaker system inside the restrooms at Famous Dave's is epic! I don't know if it is the speaker placement, or just the way all the sounds bounced off the tile, but it was truly breathtaking ... well, it is a bathroom, so maybe I should use another analogy. I don't know if Bose has an offshoot company called Bowels or what, but nevertheless, the sound was awesome!

I was so moved by my restroom rendezvous with the tunes, that I wrote on my Facebook: "You have not experienced pure bliss until you have used a urinal while hearing the crystal clear sounds of Adele’s 'Rumor Has It'!" The food was great, service was amazing ... the bathroom acoustics ... EPIC!


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