Let me start by saying this is not an advertisement, just a trip down memory lane. My friend and I were talking and reminiscing about years of past, and birthday parties, and arcades, and the place where we'd go several times a month, Godfather's Pizza! To the best of my memory and Google, the location that we loved going to at 40th & Summitview avenues (right across the street from KATS-FM) closed its doors mid-1995, and has since only existed in my memory, much like the McD's Szechuan sauce of Rick's mind in the cartoon Rick & Morty.

Well, normally the fond food talk would stop there, but I mentioned it to more and more of my friends, until one informed me how Godfather's still exists. I was excited and guarded, expecting it to be located on the east side of the U.S. but no, it's here, in Washington state! Wenatchee was the destination that I chose to travel to. Yes I drove, 4 hours (round trip) for pizza. But not just any pizza... pizza that I have missed for over 20 years! Godfather's Pizza. After avoiding fires, and hitting road work, I made it just as the lunch rush was ending. I ordered.


I decided to get the lunch buffet so I could try to relive as much of my childhood as I could remember. Was it good? Was it just how I remembered? YES, YES, OH GOD YES! The crust, toppings, cheese, and sauce, all the way I remembered. The sauce sweeter than other pizza joints, and the cheese, so awesome, you take a bite, and it just stretches from pizza slice to face for miles and miles. The salad... it was a salad, luckily I don't have fond memories of lettuce from my youth. The Dessert Pizza on the other hand, was awesome, chocolatey and rich as ever.

I scared the manager when I asked to talk to him, just to tell him how I drove a long way to re-live a 20-year-old memory. I didn't scare him by the chubby creepy guy, but just the way I played it as an irate customer. But when I finally told him how happy I was, you could see the relief wash over his face. It would have been neat to get something "extra" for my 2 hour trek just for a slice, but I'll have to be content with the extra 2 slices I hid in my pockets on the way out of the door. It's not stealing when you paid for the all you can eat buffet. I did not see a sign that said "all you can eat, IN RESTAURANT ONLY!"

My only regret was that little Evan's birthday party was hogging up all of the arcade machines. That's OK, because I will be back.

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