When it comes to pizza, we all have our favorites. Let's be honest: one of the great things about pizza is that even when it's bad, it is still good.

Sure, there are toppings we don't enjoy, whether by taste (the argument of pineapple on a pizza comes to mind) or allergy (I can't have mushrooms), but even the worst pizza will usually be eaten cold the next day.

Keep that in mind when thinking about the worst pizza you've had; with the exception of the crust, there are barely any leftovers after a day. That is the "power of pizza" (to quote the Ninja Turtles).


If you were to ask me my favorite, it'd have to be Godfather's Pizza, although I ate Pizza Hut last night for dinner and I had Little Caesars last week for lunch.

So when 247Wallst.com released their 5 Pizza Chains to Avoid, I saw the top spot and had to ask myself, have I ever been to one of those?

Chuck E Cheese
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So that got me asking, "How many Chuck E. Cheese's do we even have in Washington?" And that makes sense as to why I've never been in one; we don't have many Chuck E. Cheese locations in Washington.

From my findings on ChuckECheese.com, we have only 10 locations in Washington:


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How was it determined that the Pizza House of Mouse was the worst pizza chain?By scouring food blogs and different websites that dealt with "pizza reviews."

Based on their findings, Chuck E Cheese's, the place where a kid can be a kid, is reportedly the worst pizza chain in America due to high prices and allegedly weird toppings, cardboard-like crust, and poor-quality cheese.


But let's face it, going to Chuck E Cheese for pizza is like going to a strip club for the chicken wings.

You go to Chuck E. Cheese for the atmosphere and entertainment; the food is secondary.

Check out 247Wallst.com for their more in-depth breakdown of each chain's reasons for making the best of the worst list.

How do you feel about these rankings? When was the last time you went to Chuck E Cheese's? What is your favorite place for Pizza? Tap the App and let us know!

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