After rocking the night life of Yakima for over 13 years, I have decided to hang up my headphones... at least during the work week. Anyone who knows me, knows how my plate is so full that Old Country Buffet would kick me out! I wear many hats between my medical laboratory jobs & comedy with Manic Thunder and now The Laugh Lounge. I need to clear up some time in my life, and that is where radio comes into play. I plan on moving from weekday nights to the weekends. Why don't I just call it quits all together? Well, it's a Radio term called "it's in my blood", so to keep my "addiction" to radio in check, you'll be hearing me on the weekends, and I'm sure whenever someone is sick or needs a vacation, I'll be there to fill in.

What does that mean for the listening audience... you get a hot chick & and a brand new show kickin' ass starting Monday night! It's called Loudwire Nights and it's hosted by the one & only Full Metal Jackie! Kind of fitting considering I inherited Altered Rock from the Amazing Jessika James, that I should hand it off to another hottie of the airwaves! Anyone who is upset by this, my apologies, but rest assured, I'm happy, plenty busy and will get some well deserved rest! Thank you to my wife for supporting me in this decision, my bosses (past & present), co-workers (past & present), and most importantly the listening audience! Thank you!

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