Yakima Named as Top Place to Retire in America
Yakima was named as a top retirement area along with other recognizable areas like Asheville, North Carolina; Austin, Texas; New Orleans, Louisiana; Orlando, Florida; Savannah, Georgia; Scottsdale, Arizona; and Traverse City, Michigan.
So Long, Timmy!
After being on 94.5 KATS for over 16 years, (13 of them at night rockin' the Basement) I've decided to retire from radio ... AGAIN! About a year ago I attempted to hang up my headphones and just be a weekend rocker, but as history and credit card bills changed my path, I took over the midd…
Timmy's Semi-Retirement
After rocking the night life of Yakima for over 13 years, I have decided to hang up my headphones... at least during the work week. Anyone who knows me, knows how my plate is so full that Old Country Buffet would kick me out! I wear many hats between my medical laboratory jobs & comedy with …
Cap’n Crunch Sails Away Into Retirement?
Removed from the Quaker Oats website, many were left to wonder what would ever happen to Cap'n Horatio Magellan who embarked on a journey to feed kids each morning and be a staple in many fun recipes including the weird sandwich that freak-girl made in The Breakfast Club.