I finally did it, I gave in to peer pressure and gave my allegiance to the house of mouse. I swore to myself that I'd wait for a while. Hell, I planned on getting WB's DC Universe Streaming service last October that way I could finally watch Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, Titans and Young Justice, but never got around to it. Why did I finally give in to our future dictator Disney? I already own most of the things Disney/Pixar/Marvel/Star Wars that I'd care to watch, so what else would I need? Well I finally did it for 2 reasons. First, everyone keeps talking about Star Wars: The Mandalorian. I knew I'd eventually watch it, but I wanted to wait till later with more episodes, and the upcoming Obi Wan show, plus all the upcoming Marvel TV series. But the new Boba Fett got me. The second reason is, my phone company offered me a free year of it because I had a certain plan, so I figure, why not!


First thing I did, was like I'm sure most did, I scanned the shows and looked for the R rated stuff. Sorry Deadpool/Logan & Sleeping Beauty After Dark fans... you won't see that type of stuff on Disney Plus. Next, I went and scoured for some of the TV shows that I grew up with. I was quite surprised to see very old classics from Marvel like Silver Surfer, Spider-Woman, as well as Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends.

I then went and compared something I already own most of... Star Wars! I have all the live action movies, Clone Wars & Rebels cartoons, fan films, classic cartoons, even the Christmas Special (purchased off of E-Bay for more money than I care to disclose). While Disney Plus did have quite a bit, and a butt load of the "For Kids" LEGO Star Wars adventures, I was pretty annoyed, that a huge event was missing. Ewok Adventures! For those who do not know the Ewok Adventures, it was a series of films that feature the Ewoks helping humans on adventures (Caravan of Courage/The Battle for Endor) set between Star Wars episodes 5 & 6, and they are NO WHERE to be found on Disney Plus. By today's standards, they are horrible, stupid, and I loved them. I guess Mickey did not.