Once again, let me take this opportunity to apologize to my wife & her family. I am sincerely sorry for the explosion in our kitchen shooting glass everywhere. Even to the point we found another stray piece just last month. Luckily no one was hurt, but still, it was a massive Thanksgiving fail. So let's start from the beginning shall we?

My wife and I have lived in our house for about 8 years now. We've hosted a couple BIG family dinners, mainly for Birthdays or New Years. We've even done a Christmas for my family. We realized that we had never had her family over to our place for a big family holiday dinner. It was settled, Thanksgiving it is! It was great, her grandfather came up from Oregon, uncles & aunts came from the other side of the mountains, my house was filled with my in-laws. (Side note: I'm so grateful that I get along with all my in-laws, and I love them bunches). My neighbor who had also just moved in next door and her son joined us as well. It was especially sweet because her son, my friend Ben, is going to culinary college, so BAM! PASTRY CHEF IS BRINGING A DESSERT!

Everything was going great, we had the Turkey on the table being carved by my father-in-law & his brother and father. Potatoes are done, ham is on the table, green beans are finished, gravy is awesome, roles are keeping warm in the microwave, the chow mein is ready to go (Japanese in-laws), dessert is in the freezer. Everything is ready to go. While my wife is is finishing up some of the dishes she asked me to pull the Pyrex glass casserole dish filled with stuffing out of the oven. It was done! I pulled it out, seeing no where to put it, so I put it on the stove top. A second later, someone asked me to turn up the green beans (on the back burner) to warm them back up.

You guessed it, Timmy being borderline dyslexic, turned on the wrong burner. Within 3 minutes the glass dish of stuffing exploded! Mind you, this wasn't just a box of stuffing, that's my wife's favorite dish, she chopped up EVERYTHING BY HAND. And I ruined it. On top of that, it shot glass all over my kitchen, into every thing we had cooked. I felt so bad. Thankfully, no one go hurt & luckily for the hungry people at my house, the rolls, ham & turkey were on the table & chow mein was sealed in a non-exploded Pyrex dish, so everything wasn't a total loss. Just like that, everyone chipped in to clean up. Between instant potatoes we already had, extra vegetables from my neighbors house, and my mother & sister in-law's quick trip to the store, we got a WHOLE 2ND THANKSGIVING dinner cooked in about a half hour. It could have been a lot worse, I'm very thankful that it didn't. I'm also, so incredibly thankful that I had/have so many great people in my life to make that FAIL into a great memory.

Hopefully you had a safe Thanksgiving, and you don't have an epic fail of your own & end up in a FAIL video, like the one below:


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