The fails that unite us
Famous last words from a redneck is "Heyall, watch this!" Well these guys aren't from this country, which just shows that FAILS are worldwide. Watch this guy sit on some tires and have a car airbag go off under him as he catches some "Derriere...
Dog Fetch Fails
If you need to brighten your day, look no further! The title says it all... Dogs failing at fetch!
Selfie Fail: Man Tumbles Into Water On Live T.V.
Proving that funny is funny no matter what the language, check out this video of a live television news report that gets upstaged by a "lookey-loo" in the background who makes a hilarious splash off a pier while trying to take a picture.
While the audio is in a foreign language, the…
Women Fail at Answering Baseball Question On Jeopardy! [VIDEO]
I like to watch Jeopardy! from time to time. I rarely know the correct answers, but when I do and the contestants don't I get a little feeling that I am much more intelligent than I truly am. Thursday night near the end of the episode, a baseball question popped up and the answers were absolutely cl…
Bride Busts Out Rude 21st Century Nuptial Fail [VIDEO]
We've all seen those wedding videos showing a terrible scenario playing out right in front of a couple's closest friends and family. Although it's pretty discreet, what the bride does in this video would make me rethink the 'I do' portion of the ceremony.
Twerking Fail Ends With Girl on Fire [VIDEO]
Finally! A twerking video I can tolerate! To spoil the video, this girl tries twerking up against the door when her friend walks in, knocking her over. She, then, falls through the table that happens to have a candle on it, catching her on fire.

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