The selfie can be a thing of beauty. Whether you're using your phone or a dirty bathroom mirror to get the perfect shot, it's important to get the pic and make an impression that will last a digital lifetime. When taking your personal mug shot, background is key... if you're using a bathroom, make sure to flush first. If you're hiking, make sure to watch your step, if you're in an area that wildlife call home... DON'T TURN YOUR BACK ON A WILD ANIMAL!

This is becoming a problem all over, but especially in Montreal, where residents are being warned to stop taking selfies with coyotes. Incidents involving attacks against humans and pets are starting to add up, as the coyote population continues to grow.

So, friends of the Yakima Valley, don't be like Montreal. If you see a cute animal, don't feed it. According to CTV News the population has been growing because people have been doing just that. The animal gets fed, then starts expecting it. When they don't get it, next thing you know you have a teeth tantrum, complete with claws and a wild story to tell the doctor. If you're the type to click a pic for a selfie with your back turned to the wild animal, your epic photograph could turn into an epic fail.

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