Following the cancellation of 'Roseanne' by ABC, it got me thinking, what other shows should be brought back and then canceled after one season... and how might they be canceled? Let's explore shall we.

#5 The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross

This instructional painting show aired from 1983 to 1994, racked up 3 Emmy Awards and taught many of today’s artists how to create their own happy little world. Although we never quite learned how to draw an animal or human.

How Might It Get Canceled? Bob Ross (or current host) caught huffing paint fumes live on air.

#4 Thundercats

This cartoon originally airing from 1985 to '89 followed a team of alien humanoid cats and their epic adventures *Snarf Snarf."

How Might It Get Canceled? PETA makes a push for cancellation by insisting how the show promotes animal cruelty making our feline friends fight for the safety of our planet.


#3 The A-Team

One of my favorite shows growing up, ran from 1983 to '87 and much like the show opening says, follows a highly trained military unit who was framed for a crime they didn't commit and hides as soldiers of fortune helping out the lil guy. Lots of gun violence (very few people ever got shot, and when one did happen, it was usually a member of the A-Team, and usually as part of a cliffhanger episode), car flips, and plans that come together.

How Might It Get Canceled? NRA Endorsement. Many are happy with the NRA, many hate it. When it comes to Hollywood, that type of thing is like having a bounty on your head.

#2 ALF

ALF, an acronym for Alien Life Form, ran from 1986 to '90 and followed a crash landed alien into a suburban family's garage, and how they became a family and how Alf learned and began to love the Earth. I feel this show needs at least one more season, because if my memory serves me right, the last episode was meant to be a cliffhanger with ALF finally about to go back home to his planet of Melmac only to have the government find out about his existence and capture him. Leading many of us to believe that ALF is now lying on a slab in Area 51.

How Might It Get Canceled? If ALF was indeed alive and well for a 5th season, how might the star ruin the show? I can see a mean tweet demanding a Space Wall be built to only let the good ALF's in, or to protect the rest of the universe from mankind. OR Alf eats a cat on facebook live. Once again, PETA involvement.

#1 Married With Children

Before Ed O'neill was staring on Modern Family he was the legendary Al Bundy. A hard-luck, women's shoe salesman who loved & hated his family, his obnoxious wife, Peggy and their two kids. The show ran 1987 to '97, and holds the record for the longest-lasting live-action sitcom on Fox. Why I want to see it back is that it never got a final episode. The cast has in the past talked about their dreams for a final episode with Ed's being the idea of the Bundy's winning the lottery only to have a tornado destroy their house with them watching TV. There is currently talk of bringing it back via hulu or netflix, with the cast on board to reprise their roles.

How Might It Get Canceled? It would just have to stay true to itself. The world has become so easily offended, it wouldn't take much for Al & the gang to punch the right buttons to be instantly canceled.


Uncle Jimmy's Clubhouse was a Yakima staple airing on KIMA-TV, (also seen on KLEW in Lewiston Idaho and KEPR-TV in Pasco WA) from 1953 to the late 70's. It was a local kid's show which would feature short cartoons, children who would celebrate their birthdays as well as Jimmy pitching sponsors' products.

Uncle Jimmy was named James Nolan Jr. and would later claim that more than 20,000 children appeared on Uncle Jimmy's Clubhouse during its run.

How Might It Get Canceled? Bringing the show back,would mean bringing Uncle Jimmy (James Nolan Jr.). I'm sure seeing a zombie interacting with children would surely get parental groups to boycott KIMA.

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