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Today's Question (8/2): 600 million ___________ wind-up in American landfills every year.

7/30: 2/3's of parents say that it is much easier to do this with girls than boys. What is it?
A: name them

LOOK: See how much gasoline cost the year you started driving

To find out more about how has the price of gas changed throughout the years, Stacker ran the numbers on the cost of a gallon of gasoline for each of the last 84 years. Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (released in April 2020), we analyzed the average price for a gallon of unleaded regular gasoline from 1976 to 2020 along with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for unleaded regular gasoline from 1937 to 1976, including the absolute and inflation-adjusted prices for each year.

Read on to explore the cost of gas over time and rediscover just how much a gallon was when you first started driving.

7/29: 11% of people admit that they like the taste of ___________.
A: envelope glue

7/28: Men who ___________ are instantly 90% more attractive to women.
A: play guitar

7/27: This is made all across the U.S. but mostly in Pennsylvania. What is it?
A: pretzels

7/26: 75% of us would give up watching TV, shopping and using a cell phone for ___________.
A: a flatter stomach

7/23: Parents likely paid $293 for this. What is it?
A: baby's first birthday party

7/21: 7% of people do this four or more times a day even though they know it is not healthy for them. What is it?
A: drink soda pop

7/20: 14% of kids have borrowed ___________ from a parent. What?
A: a travel mug

7/19: 11% of women have never cooked ___________ for a family dinner.
A: a roast

7/16: 27% of us have not ___________ in the past year.
A: read a book

7/15: Women say this is the biggest pet peeve about their partner's driving. What?
A: radio too loud

7/14: 4% of people say that this was their biggest life change during the pandemic. What is it?
A: build a new swimming pool

7/13: People that live west of the Mississippi are more likely to ___________ than the rest of the country. What is it?
A: go out of their way to find cheaper gas

7/12: 2 in 3 Americans have said that they can no longer tolerate ___________.
A: crowds

7/9: One in three women wish their partner would ___________ more.
A: hold hands

7/8: On average, two people a year die from this. What is it?
A: flatulence

7/7: The average time for this to happen is at 1:37 p.m. What is it?
A: check bank balance

7/2: A survey found that this is the #1 thing that puts us in a better mood. What is it?
A: finding money in our pocket

7/1: A survey found that 60% of kids have never experienced ___________.
A: roasting marshmallows over a campfire

6/30: About 15% of us say that ___________ are out favorite place to hide money.
A: cowboy boots

6/29: 53% of people will buy ___________ for their 4th of July.

A: insect repellant

6/28: According to a recent survey, the average parent has 15 of these per day. What?

A: minutes of free time

6/25: The majority of men say that they hate shopping for ___________ more than anything else. What is it?

A: furniture

6/24: 30% of Americans say that their father taught them to ___________.

A: manage their money


6/22: 10% don't know ___________ by heart.

A: a joke

6/21: 19% of us feel guilty about ___________ but do it anyways.

A: re-gifting

6/18: 30% of people who have one of these at their home, don't know where it is.

A: fire extinguisher

6/17: Only 1 in 5 people going to work today have ___________.

A: a business card

6/16: 16% of married people have gotten ___________ without telling their spouse. What:

A: a credit card

6/15: The average person gets 17 ___________ each year.

A: bug bites

6/14: This happens more often on a Friday than any other day of the week. What is it?

6/11: The average man spends 7 hours a year ___________.

A: hiding in the bathroom

6/10: A whopping 6 BILLION ___________ are sent every day.

A: emojis

6/9: It is estimated that only 30% of people can do this. What is it?

A: flare their nostrils

6/8: 12% of us lie to our best friends about ___________.

A: sexual experience

6/7: The average American does this about 256 times a year. What is it?

A: blows their nose


6/4: 70% of parents surveyed said they will let their kids do this on vacation but never at home. What is it?

A: jump on the bed

6/3: 12% of us have done this to a neighbor without them knowing it. What is it?

A: steal their Wi-Fi

6/2: On average, this costs American families (collectively) $139 million a year. What is it?

A: stuff lost while vacationing

6/1: The average guy does this about 14 times a year while the average woman does it 64 times. What is it?

5/27: 25% of women do this on vacation, but rarely at home. What is it?

A: read a book


5/26: According to PetSmart, 32% of dog owners buy ___________ for their doggies.

A: toothpaste

5/21: 30% of adults have never been to ___________.

A: a drive-in movie theater

5/20: The U.S. has less than half of what Japan has of this. What is it?

A: 7-11 convenience stores

5/19: 50% of us have NOT done this over the past year. What is it?

A: made a new friend

5/18: ___________is the #1 topic that dog owners fight about. What is it?

A: Who will walk the dog

5/17: One in 5 of us prefer to do this chore at home, while the rest of us do it elsewhere. What?

A: wash their car

5/14: 11% of men say that they would give up ___________ for $1.5 million. What is it?

A: their best friend

5/12: The average person gets a new ___________ every 3 years. What is it?

A: computer mouse


5/11: 14% of kids say they want to be ___________ when they grow-up.

A: a zookeeper

5/10: If you like rock music and "Seinfeld", you are less likely to ___________.

A: make your bed in the morning

5/7: Three out of 10 people say that they sometimes quit to avoid ___________.

A: losing a game of Monopoly

5/6: 30% of women think that ___________ is the most important thing they do all day.

A: putting on make-up

5/5: People have an easier time going ___________ on Tuesdays -- more than any other day of the week.

A: to the bank

5/4: According to GQ magazine, men admit that they ___________ more than women.

A: diet

5/3: 39% of men say that they actually like it when their wife ___________.

A: belches

4/29: During a week-long vacation, we spend an average of 4 1/2 hours ___________.

A: napping


4/28: Over 61,000 people in the United States are ___________ right now. What is it?

A: getting their oil changed


4/27: 2/3's of Americans won't do this because they think that they do it incorrectly. What is it?

A: recycle


4/26: The average man uses 2 ___________ while the average woman uses 4. What is it?

A: pillows

4/23: 25% of Americans would rather spend a day in jail than ___________.

A: total their car


4/22: The record number for ___________ is 1,088. What is it?

A: passengers on a commercial flight


4/20: Americans spend over $39 billion a year on this. What is it?

A: tipping

4/19: Around 48% of us have ___________ while cooking.

A: set off the smoke alarm

4/16: 10% of women say that they have ___________ while in the bathroom.

A: snacked


4/15: About 1/3 of people surveyed said that ___________ is the worst thing to eat while driving.

A: salad

4/14: On average, we spend about 18 minutes per day thinking about ___________.

A: vacationing


4/13: In a new survey, nearly half of the people polled said that if they're going to ___________, they prefer to do it at home. What?

A: work out/excercise

4/12: 17% of us say our office has this but we don't have one at home. What is it?

A: candy dish


4/8: This item was originally designed to be a tool to help quit smoking. What is it?

A: PEZ dispenser


4/7: 37% of men would like to purchase a ___________ before they die.

A: Ford Mustang

4/6: If you have this occupation, you'll walk an average of 4-5 miles per day. What is it?

4/5: At some point this week, 12% of people will burn themselves with ___________.

A: pizza


4/2: 75% of women compared to 88% of men have ___________.

A: jump started a car


4/1: People are four times more likely to buy ___________ on Sundays. What is it?

A: breakfast

3/27: 31% say that they wish they had the courage to get ___________.

A: rid of their TV

3/26: 40% of adults say they are embarrassed by ___________.

A: their middle name

3/25: Researchers found that 18% of us have a favorite ___________.

A: pen


3/24: 38% of newlyweds say that they miss ___________ the most from when they were single.

A: their own bathroom

3/23: 45% of us think one should wait until age 25 to ____________.

A: get a credit card


3/22: There has been a nearly 600% increase in ___________ in the last year. What is it?

A: online courses


3/19: 20% of people keep ___________ around their house just for "show". What is it?

A: books

3/18: The average guy thinks about ___________ 6 times a day, the average woman does it 40 times per day.

A: their hair

3/17: 16% of people have no problem buying a used ___________.

A: electric toothbrush


3/16: One out of every eight women get annoyed when they meet another woman with ___________.

A: the same name


3/15: About 27% of single men say that they won't date a woman who has ___________.

A: a twin

3/12: 30% of adults admit that they have ___________ while driving to save time.


3/5: Almost 40% of married couples say that, if they could, the one thing that they would change about their wedding is ___________.


3/4: 62% of women say that they wouldn't date a guy that ___________.

A: has a ponytail

3/3: 80% of people under the age of 30 say that it is impossible to ___________.

A: drive without music

3/2: 9% of us have cried while eating  ___________:

A: ice cream


3/1: If this is an average day for you, you will ___________ more than 20 times.

A: complain about something

2/26: 29% of men have borrowed ___________ from their girlfriend.

A: Deodorant

2/25: 82% of children have lied to their parents about ___________.

A: brushing their teeth

2/24: The average man learns how to ___________ at the age of 24.

A: use a washing machine


2/23: 47% of women receive more compliments when they ___________.

A: appear tanned

2/22: Each year in the U.S., approximately 4,5000 people are injured using ___________.

A: a pencil


2/18: 28% of people will attend ___________ within the next month.

A: a yard/garage sale


2/17: 41 is the age when the average person starts to ___________ in order to get healthier.

A: taking vitamins


2/16: 27% of men do this at least once a week. What is it?

A: wash their vehicle


2/15: 66% of men have kept their ___________ from their childhood.

A: baseball glove/mitt

2/12: It takes the average person 7 minutes to do this. What is it?

A: fall asleep


2/11: If you have a Millenial living in your house, you have, on average, 5 of these. What?

A: dishes in the sink

2/9: 50% of us have one of these in our vehicle even though it doesn't work anymore.

A: air freshener

2/8: According to Uber Eats, the most popular food delivered in the U.S. is ___________.

A: french fries


2/5: 65% of couples say they've had an argument because one of them would not stop ___________.

A: checking work e-mail


2/4: An estimated 75% of people that have ___________ say that they almost never use it. What is it?

A: a pool table

2/3: 57 years old is the age of the average American ___________?

A: farmer

2/2: A recent survey showed that 68% of women craved ___________ the most while they were pregnant.

A: nachos


2/1: The average person will use 57 of these today. What are they?

A: squares of toilet paper


1/28: On average, adult women spend three times as much time doing this compared to men. What is it?

A: on social media


1/27: Believe it or not, close to 10% of us have never __________.

A: traveled out of our home state


1/26: 14% of people who work from home have their work station set-up here. Where is it?

A: on the floor


1/25: On average, we spend $6.00 a week on ___________.

A: lottery tickets


1/22: 32% of people have lied to get out of ___________.

A: going to a wedding

1/21: Just over 33% of women say that a man who wears _________ looks uncool.

A: a bluetooth headset


1/20: When asked what major scientific breakthroughs they think they'll see in their lifetime, 41% of people said ___________.

A: living under the sea


1/19: 82% of women say that a guy over 30 should never wear ___________.

A: an earring


1/15: According to a survey from Men's Health, only 4% of guys across the world own a ___________.

A: motorcycle

1/14): Women say that flowers and ___________ are the top two things that they like to splurge on.


1/13: According to a recent survey, ___________ was the most popular hobby of the year 2020.

A: cooking


1/12: The most dangerous food to eat while driving is ___________. Hint: #2 is hot soup.

A: potato chips


1/11: 75% of dads say that this makes them feel young again. What is it?

A: watching cartoons


1/8: If you are over 40, chances are that you eat ___________ TWICE as often as you did when you were a kid. What is it?

A: yougurt

1/7: 35% of men have tried to hide ___________ from their mother.

A: a motorcycle

1/6: Around 10% of us have a ___________ but we're unwilling to share it.

A: chili recipe


1/5: 15% of us haven't washed this article of clothing in 6 months. What is it?

A: bathrobe

1/4: The average person ___________ 7,163 times before they die.

A: take a bath

12/31: About 155,000 men did this on Christmas morning. What?

A: propose marriage

12/30: If you are average, you'll experience close to 400 ___________ in your lifetime.

A: paper cuts



A family will buy a new ___________ every 50 days. What is it?

A: jar of mustard


14% of adults say that they never, ever ___________.

A: tell a lie


12/23: 42% of us suffer from ___________ every winter. What is it?

A: dry skin


12/22: 11% of us have made the New Year's resolution to ___________.

A: learn a new language

12/21: The average person buys three ___________ every holiday season. What is it?

A: rolls of gift wrapping paper

12/18: On average, we forget to ___________ five times a month.

A: wear deodorant

12/16: Each year in the U.S., there are approximately 45,000 accidents related to ___________.

A: bathroom toilets

12/15: Only 11 states in the U.S. have this. What is it?

A: just one area code

12/14: According to a new survey, men with ___________, on average, earn 22% more money than men without one.

A: a wife

12/11: According to a new poll, 33% of people own one more ___________ this year than they did in 2019.

A: pet


12/10: 73% of women say that men over 40 that ___________ look ridiculous.

A: wearing hat backwards


12/9: 87% of women have at least one ___________ inside their purse.

A: eyelash curler

12/8: In the past year, about 10% of us have done this while on the clock. What is it?

A: take a work call while in the bathroom


12/7: About 15% of people say that they have recently stopped ___________.

A: wearing deodorant


12/4): 23% of men do not know this about their wife/partner. What is it?

A: dress size


12/3: 27% of adults do this for extra holiday money?

What is it?

A: Make a deal with their partner to not buy presents for each other

12/2: A recent survey revealed that women ___________ 16 times in their life.

A: diet

12/1: Experts sat that teacher/day care worker is the "germiest" job. What is the second-most germ-ridden job?

A: bank teller

11/30: The average person would pay over $300 for this. What is it?

A: a "normal" pre-Covid day


11/25: The average person will spend 9 hours & 17 minutes ___________  during the holiday season.

A: cooking

11/24: The average ___________ is good for about 27,000 miles.

A: shopping cart


11/23: Over a million Americans still don't have ___________ in their home.

A: indoor plumbing

11/19: You'll find 41 ___________ in the average American house.

A: light bulbs


11/18: 4 in 10 people believe they have control over this.

What is it?

A: their dreams


11/16: 28% of women have cried because of ___________ .

A: getting their first wrinkle


11/13: According to a new poll, what group of people that don't normally get tips probably should?

A: teachers

11/11: 50% of workers think that ___________ is never OK in the workplace.

A: taking your shoes off

11/10: The average American will use 20 gallons of ___________ in their lifetime.

A: toothpaste


11/9: 17% of us say that they miss ___________ since the pandemic.

A: commuting to work


11/6: 25% of women have been ____________.

A: a babysitter

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11/5): 65% of women won't let their man do this. What is it?

A: repair their car

10/30: Only 7 out of every 1,000 people will ___________.

A: live to be 100 years old


10/29: 38% of people with ___________ are perceived as being smart.

A: straight teeth

10/28: The most dangerous job in America is ___________ as 9% of them are killed while on the job.

A: President of the United States


10/27: People that ___________ for :30 seconds a day also take 29% fewer sick days.

A: take a cold shower


10/26: In the month of March, more ___________ are sold than in any other month.

A: pregnancy test kits


10/23: What do a frisbee and a beach ball both have in common?

10/22: On  average, a woman will buy 220 ___________ over the course of her entire life.

A: candles


10/21: The average woman does this 5 times a day while the average guy does it just 3 times a day. What is it?

A: apologizes


10/19: Each year, roughly 80,000 people are bitten by ___________.

A: other people

10/15: On average, a woman has 38 of these. What is it?

A: Items in her purse

10/14: A recent study discovered that just 12% of women have ___________.

A: naturally blonde hair

10/13: Over 175 million ___________ are sold in the U.S. every year.

A: Girl Scout cookies


10/12: Approximately 10% of families in the USA will eat ___________ for dinner tonight.

A: fish


10/9: Roughly 22,000 children are injured in their house each year from ___________.

A: bunk beds


10/8: 64% of Americans own at least one product made by this company. What company is it?

A: Apple


10/7: 68% of women feel guilty if they ___________ in the morning when going to work.

A: leave dirty dishes in the sink


10/6: 15% of guys have insulted a woman on the first date by asking for ___________.

A: gas money


10/5: 85% of women admit to ___________ once a week.

A: re-wearing dirty clothes


10/2: When it comes to physical activity, more people end up visiting the emergency room because they were ___________.

A: doing yoga

10/1: The #1 item people keep in their junk drawer is ___________.

A: birthday candles


9/28: 11% of people eat ___________ every day.

A: ice cream


9/25: 35% of men say that they never ___________ without first asking their spouse.

A: adjust the thermostat


9/24: The average person will ___________ four times today.

A: start their car

9/23: 25% of U.S. employees for this job are over 50 years old. What job is it?

A: Uber/Lyft driver


9/22: $109 is the average price of this. What is it?

A: wedding gift

9/21: 25% of men get tired after 26 minutes of ___________.

A: shopping

9/18: 52% of college students have ___________ within the past week.

A: drank an energy drink

9/17: 56% of brides won't book a wedding venue unless it has ___________.

A: good Wi-Fi

9/16: The average person ___________ four times before they turn 32 years old.

A: changes jobs


9/15: There's a good chance that you have 6 pounds of ___________ at your house.

A: pennies


9/14: 10% of women say they've hidden ___________ in the bedroom and their partner doesn't know about it.

A: snacks

9/11: A survey says that, following a first date, 10% of men ___________.

A: change their phone number

9/10: 70% of us say that we have stopped ___________.

A: writing checks

9/9: Apparently, social distancing has contributed to a 50% increase in ___________.

A: UFO sightings

9/8: Surprisingly, a new survey found that 60% of kids have never experienced ___________.

A: Roasting marshmallows over a campfire


9/3: 1 in 3 wives wish their husbands would ___________ more.

A: hold hands


9/2: 1/4th of young adults have never been to ___________.

A: a bank

9/1: 3% of guys have lied to their significant other about ___________.

A: the cost of the engagement ring

8/31: 18% of people say that ___________ is the most annoying sound ever.

A: clearing one's throat


8/28: This typically happens more on Wednesdays than any other day. What is it?

A: a first date


8/27: 10% of us don't know a single ___________.

A: joke to tell by heart


8/26: The average man gets a new ___________ every two years.

A: belt

8/25: One in 5 people will leave the house today with ___________ but never use it.

A: a gym bag

8/24: This happens in the U.S. nearly 6,000 times a year. What is it?

A: Mail carrier attacked by a dog

8/21: There are two jobs where 95% of the workforce is female. What are they?

A: Dental hygienist & Kindergarten teacher

8/20: The average person gets 17 of these a year. What is it?

A: Bug bites

8/17: The average woman will buy 220 ___________ over the course of her life.

A: candles

8/14: Men who ___________ are instantly 90% more attractive to women.

A: play guitar

8/13: 21% of mothers say if they were given an extra hour everyday they would use the hour to ___________.

A: Read - anything!

8/12: 58% of current college students have never used ___________.

A: a dating app

8/11: One in five people have ___________ on them at all times.

A: chewing gum

8/10: The average person spends 5 months of their entire life ___________.

A: Complaining


8/7: 38% of arguments between women happen at _____________.

A: Yard/Garage Sale

8/6: 20% of people admit to ___________ when going grocery shopping.

A: Taking up 2 parking spaces

8/5: 25% of adults request this at a drive-thru window. What is it?

A: Something for their pet

8/4: This iconic advertising character was created in 1999 due to a strike. What is it?

A: GEICO gecko

8/3: 30% of adults have never been here. Where is it?

A: Drive-in movie

7/30: 12% of single women say ___________ is the #1 deal-breaker on a first date.

A: Being picked-up in a messy/dirty car

7/29: 43% of us have worn this on their head at least once. What is it?

A: Mickey Mouse ears

7/28: 58% of dog owners say that other people roll their eyes when they do this to their dog. What?

A: Sing "Happy Birthday" to it

7/27: The average person does this 5 times an hour without realizing it.

A: Scratch their nose

7/24: 39% of men have no idea how to do this properly. What is it?

A: Iron a shirt

7/23: 11% of men would give-up ___________ for $1.5 million.

A: Their best friend

7/22: Every second, 17 ____________ are sold throughout the world.

A: Big Macs


7/21: 29% of Americans say ___________ is their favorite thing about Fall.

A: Lower electric bills

7/17: 41% of people have returned from a vacation and lied about ___________.

A: Having cell service

7/16: The average person ___________ about 25 minutes a day.

A: Reads

7/15: 35% of us do this when we're having a hard time falling asleep. What is it?

A: Have a snack

7/14: More than 25% of women said they would rather have their wisdom teeth pulled than go shopping for ___________.

A: Swimsuits

7/10: 16% of Americans have recently done this in their driveway. What is it?

A: Sit in car to escape from everyone

7/9: Books are the #1 most-borrowed item in America. What is #2?

A: Jumper Cables


7/8: Six out of 10 women say it's a major turn-off when a man does this to them.

A: Winks at them

7/7: Most of us do this, but 19% of us feel guilty about it. What is it?

A: Re-gifting

7/6: Doing this costs the average American family almost $2,300 a year. What is it?

A: Throwing away unused food


7/2: When women turn 40, they are more likely to ___________.

A: Speed while driving

7/1: 73% of people do not know how to ___________.

A: Parallel park

6/30: 55% of Millenials expect this to happen to them in their lifetime.

A: Become a millionaire

6/29: 20% of dads embarrass their kids when they ___________.

A: Yell/scream at their sporting events

6/26: 30% of U.S. adults have ___________ at least once in their lives.

A: Sleepwalked

6/25: According to restaurant food delivery people, ___________ are the worst tippers.

A: Hair salons

6/24: On average, we'll do this 11 times during our lifetime.

A: Move/change residence

6/23: The average American does this about 256 times per year. What is it?

A: Blow nose

6/22: 54% of us do not know how to change ___________.

A: windshield wipers

6/19:The average couple spends 10 minutes a day talking about ___________.

A: work/their job


6/18: 63% of women do this at least once a week. What is it?

A: Weigh themselves


6/17: 21% of adults will lose this at least once a year. What is it?

A: Credit/debit card


6/16: 53% of people will buy ___________ for the 4th of July holiday.

A: insect repellant

6/15: Every year, the average American child eats 62 pounds of ___________.

A: Pasta


6/12: On average, we spend about $109 on a gift for ___________.

6/5: 22% of single women say the best place to meet someone is ___________.

6/4: 30% of women ___________ while taking a bath.

A: Drink wine

6/3: Electronics are the #1 item left behind in hotels. What is #2?

A: Stuffed animals

6/2: 60% of women say they're willing to kiss a guy on the first date if he talks about ___________.

A: His mother

6/1: 21% of Americans say that the first thing they do when they get out of bed is ______.

A: Drink water

5/29: 38% of us lie to our doctor about ___________.

A: How much we drink

5/28: 40% of us won't buy a car that doesn't have ___________.

A: Cup holder


5/27: 98% of dads love getting this for Father's Day. What?

A: Tools

5/26: The average guy thinks about this 4 times a day while the average woman does 40 times. What is it?

A: Their hair

5/25: 60% of men say they get turned off when they see a woman ___________.

A: Take a selfie

5/21: 21% of women do this before exercising. What is it?

A: Put on lipstick


5/20: According to dating website, 40% of men lie about _________.

A: Having children

5/19: 39% of men say they actually like it when their wife _________.

A: Burps/Belches

5/18: 1/3 of dads have embarrassed their daughter by doing this. What is it?

A: Not wear a shirt

5/15: 12% of people between the ages of 18-34 admit to using their phone _________.


5/14: 5 out of 6 Americans under the age of 18 have never used _________.

A: a postage stamp

5/13: 38% of us who are currently video conferencing have been embarrassed because of _________.

A: Burping

5/12: According to a recent survey of bosses, too many _________ in your office can hurt your credibility.

5/11: 22% of us do this most of the time while working from home. What is it?

A: Wear pants

5/8: 78% of people say this makes them feel like they have their life together. What is it?

A: A clean car

5/7: 53% of American families have two of these in their home.

A: Refrigerators

5/6: We experience _________ over 1,400 times a year.

A: Dreams

5/5: Around 1/3 of people say that _________ is the only thing they love about their job.


5/4: 79% of adults do this on their birthday. What is it?

A: Have sex

5/1: 57% of us have done this less since the start of the pandemic. What is it?

A: Waste food

4/30: The average woman spends 6 minutes per day doing this. What is it?

A: Removing makeup and skin care products

4/29: 3% of Americans have it but 30% THINK they do. What is it?

4/28: One in 10 women love their _________ more than their partner/spouse.

Answer: Pet

4/27: The average American spends $6 a week on _________.

Answer: lottery tickets

4/24: 31% of guys have borrowed _________ from their wife/girlfriend.

A: Deodorant


68% of women say that men should never wear _________, especially on a date.

A: Skinny jeans

4/22: Teenage girls do this about once a week, while teenage boys do it about once a month. What is it?

A: Slam a door

4/21: 35% of women say it's a huge turn-off when a guy works on their _________ too much.

A: tan

4/20: On average, a child uses a _________ 730 times by their 10th birthday.

A: Color crayon

4/17: According to Uber Eats, what is the most popular food delivered in the U.S.?

A: French fries

4/16: The average married couple does this 5 times a week. What is it?

A: Kiss

4/15: 37% of women say they'd be willing to give up _________ in exchange for never having to do housework again.

A: Alcohol

4/14: 41% of people can always remember this number from their past. What is it?

A: License plate from first car

4/13: _________ is the most hated college course that students this year are glad they get to finish online.

A: Calculus

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