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Today's Question (12/2): A recent survey revealed that women ___________ 16 times in their life.

Experts sat that teacher/day care worker is the "germiest" job. What is the second-most germ-ridden job?
A: bank teller

11/30: The average person would pay over $300 for this. What is it?
A: a "normal" pre-Covid day

11/25: The average person will spend 9 hours & 17 minutes ___________  during the holiday season.
A: cooking

11/24: The average ___________ is good for about 27,000 miles.
A: shopping cart

11/23: Over a million Americans still don't have ___________ in their home.
A: indoor plumbing

11/19: You'll find 41 ___________ in the average American house.
A: light bulbs

11/18: 4 in 10 people believe they have control over this.
What is it?
A: their dreams

11/16: 28% of women have cried because of ___________ .
A: getting their first wrinkle

11/13: According to a new poll, what group of people that don't normally get tips probably should?
A: teachers

11/11: 50% of workers think that ___________ is never OK in the workplace.
A: taking your shoes off

11/10: The average American will use 20 gallons of ___________ in their lifetime.
A: toothpaste

11/9: 17% of us say that they miss ___________ since the pandemic.
A: commuting to work

11/6: 25% of women have been ____________.
A: a babysitter

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11/5): 65% of women won't let their man do this. What is it?
A: repair their car

10/30: Only 7 out of every 1,000 people will ___________.
A: live to be 100 years old

10/29: 38% of people with ___________ are perceived as being smart.
A: straight teeth

10/28: The most dangerous job in America is ___________ as 9% of them are killed while on the job.
A: President of the United States

10/27: People that ___________ for :30 seconds a day also take 29% fewer sick days.
A: take a cold shower

10/26: In the month of March, more ___________ are sold than in any other month.
A: pregnancy test kits

10/23: What do a frisbee and a beach ball both have in common?

10/22: On  average, a woman will buy 220 ___________ over the course of her entire life.
A: candles

10/21: The average woman does this 5 times a day while the average guy does it just 3 times a day. What is it?
A: apologizes

10/19: Each year, roughly 80,000 people are bitten by ___________.
A: other people

10/15: On average, a woman has 38 of these. What is it?
A: Items in her purse

10/14: A recent study discovered that just 12% of women have ___________.
A: naturally blonde hair

10/13: Over 175 million ___________ are sold in the U.S. every year.
A: Girl Scout cookies

10/12: Approximately 10% of families in the USA will eat ___________ for dinner tonight.
A: fish

10/9: Roughly 22,000 children are injured in their house each year from ___________.
A: bunk beds

10/8: 64% of Americans own at least one product made by this company. What company is it?
A: Apple

10/7: 68% of women feel guilty if they ___________ in the morning when going to work.
A: leave dirty dishes in the sink

10/6: 15% of guys have insulted a woman on the first date by asking for ___________.
A: gas money

10/5: 85% of women admit to ___________ once a week.
A: re-wearing dirty clothes

10/2: When it comes to physical activity, more people end up visiting the emergency room because they were ___________.
A: doing yoga

10/1: The #1 item people keep in their junk drawer is ___________.
A: birthday candles

9/28: 11% of people eat ___________ every day.
A: ice cream

9/25: 35% of men say that they never ___________ without first asking their spouse.
A: adjust the thermostat

9/24: The average person will ___________ four times today.
A: start their car

9/23: 25% of U.S. employees for this job are over 50 years old. What job is it?
A: Uber/Lyft driver

9/22: $109 is the average price of this. What is it?
A: wedding gift

9/21: 25% of men get tired after 26 minutes of ___________.
A: shopping

9/18: 52% of college students have ___________ within the past week.
A: drank an energy drink

9/17: 56% of brides won't book a wedding venue unless it has ___________.
A: good Wi-Fi

9/16: The average person ___________ four times before they turn 32 years old.
A: changes jobs

9/15: There's a good chance that you have 6 pounds of ___________ at your house.
A: pennies

9/14: 10% of women say they've hidden ___________ in the bedroom and their partner doesn't know about it.
A: snacks

9/11: A survey says that, following a first date, 10% of men ___________.
A: change their phone number

9/10: 70% of us say that we have stopped ___________.
A: writing checks

9/9: Apparently, social distancing has contributed to a 50% increase in ___________.
A: UFO sightings

9/8: Surprisingly, a new survey found that 60% of kids have never experienced ___________.
Roasting marshmallows over a campfire

9/3: 1 in 3 wives wish their husbands would ___________ more.
hold hands

9/2: 1/4th of young adults have never been to ___________.
A: a bank

9/1: 3% of guys have lied to their significant other about ___________.
A: the cost of the engagement ring

8/31: 18% of people say that ___________ is the most annoying sound ever.
clearing one's throat

8/28: This typically happens more on Wednesdays than any other day. What is it?
a first date

8/27: 10% of us don't know a single ___________.
joke to tell by heart

8/26: The average man gets a new ___________ every two years.
A: belt

8/25: One in 5 people will leave the house today with ___________ but never use it.
A: a gym bag

8/24: This happens in the U.S. nearly 6,000 times a year. What is it?
A: Mail carrier attacked by a dog

8/21: There are two jobs where 95% of the workforce is female. What are they?
A: Dental hygienist & Kindergarten teacher

8/20: The average person gets 17 of these a year. What is it?
A: Bug bites

8/17: The average woman will buy 220 ___________ over the course of her life.
A: candles

8/14: Men who ___________ are instantly 90% more attractive to women.
A: play guitar

8/13: 21% of mothers say if they were given an extra hour everyday they would use the hour to ___________.
A: Read - anything!

8/12: 58% of current college students have never used ___________.
A: a dating app

8/11: One in five people have ___________ on them at all times.
A: chewing gum

8/10: The average person spends 5 months of their entire life ___________.

8/7: 38% of arguments between women happen at _____________.
A: Yard/Garage Sale

8/6: 20% of people admit to ___________ when going grocery shopping.
A: Taking up 2 parking spaces

8/5: 25% of adults request this at a drive-thru window. What is it?
Something for their pet

8/4: This iconic advertising character was created in 1999 due to a strike. What is it?
A: GEICO gecko

8/3: 30% of adults have never been here. Where is it?
A: Drive-in movie

7/30: 12% of single women say ___________ is the #1 deal-breaker on a first date.
A: Being picked-up in a messy/dirty car

7/29: 43% of us have worn this on their head at least once. What is it?
A: Mickey Mouse ears

7/28: 58% of dog owners say that other people roll their eyes when they do this to their dog. What?
A: Sing "Happy Birthday" to it

7/27: The average person does this 5 times an hour without realizing it.
Scratch their nose

7/24: 39% of men have no idea how to do this properly. What is it?
A: Iron a shirt

7/23: 11% of men would give-up ___________ for $1.5 million.
A: Their best friend

7/22: Every second, 17 ____________ are sold throughout the world.
Big Macs

7/21: 29% of Americans say ___________ is their favorite thing about Fall.
A: Lower electric bills

7/17: 41% of people have returned from a vacation and lied about ___________.
A: Having cell service

7/16: The average person ___________ about 25 minutes a day.
A: Reads

7/15: 35% of us do this when we're having a hard time falling asleep. What is it?
A: Have a snack

7/14: More than 25% of women said they would rather have their wisdom teeth pulled than go shopping for ___________.
A: Swimsuits

7/10: 16% of Americans have recently done this in their driveway. What is it?
A: Sit in car to escape from everyone

7/9: Books are the #1 most-borrowed item in America. What is #2?
Jumper Cables

7/8: Six out of 10 women say it's a major turn-off when a man does this to them.
A: Winks at them

7/7: Most of us do this, but 19% of us feel guilty about it. What is it?
A: Re-gifting

7/6: Doing this costs the average American family almost $2,300 a year. What is it?
Throwing away unused food

7/2: When women turn 40, they are more likely to ___________.
A: Speed while driving

7/1: 73% of people do not know how to ___________.
A: Parallel park

6/30: 55% of Millenials expect this to happen to them in their lifetime.
A: Become a millionaire

6/29: 20% of dads embarrass their kids when they ___________.
A: Yell/scream at their sporting events

6/26: 30% of U.S. adults have ___________ at least once in their lives.
A: Sleepwalked

6/25: According to restaurant food delivery people, ___________ are the worst tippers.
A: Hair salons

6/24: On average, we'll do this 11 times during our lifetime.
A: Move/change residence

6/23: The average American does this about 256 times per year. What is it?
A: Blow nose

6/22: 54% of us do not know how to change ___________.
A: windshield wipers

6/19:The average couple spends 10 minutes a day talking about ___________.
A: work/their job

6/18: 63% of women do this at least once a week. What is it?
A: Weigh themselves

6/17: 21% of adults will lose this at least once a year. What is it?
A: Credit/debit card

6/16: 53% of people will buy ___________ for the 4th of July holiday.
A: insect repellant

6/15: Every year, the average American child eats 62 pounds of ___________.
A: Pasta

6/12: On average, we spend about $109 on a gift for ___________.

6/5: 22% of single women say the best place to meet someone is ___________.

6/4: 30% of women ___________ while taking a bath.
A: Drink wine

6/3: Electronics are the #1 item left behind in hotels. What is #2?
A: Stuffed animals

6/2: 60% of women say they're willing to kiss a guy on the first date if he talks about ___________.
A: His mother

6/1: 21% of Americans say that the first thing they do when they get out of bed is ______.
A: Drink water

5/29: 38% of us lie to our doctor about ___________.
A: How much we drink

5/28: 40% of us won't buy a car that doesn't have ___________.
A: Cup holder

5/27: 98% of dads love getting this for Father's Day. What?
A: Tools

5/26: The average guy thinks about this 4 times a day while the average woman does 40 times. What is it?
A: Their hair

5/25: 60% of men say they get turned off when they see a woman ___________.
A: Take a selfie

5/21: 21% of women do this before exercising. What is it?
A: Put on lipstick

5/20: According to dating website, 40% of men lie about _________.
A: Having children

5/19: 39% of men say they actually like it when their wife _________.
A: Burps/Belches

5/18: 1/3 of dads have embarrassed their daughter by doing this. What is it?
A: Not wear a shirt

5/15: 12% of people between the ages of 18-34 admit to using their phone _________.

5/14: 5 out of 6 Americans under the age of 18 have never used _________.
A: a postage stamp

5/13: 38% of us who are currently video conferencing have been embarrassed because of _________.
A: Burping

5/12: According to a recent survey of bosses, too many _________ in your office can hurt your credibility.

5/11: 22% of us do this most of the time while working from home. What is it?
A: Wear pants

5/8: 78% of people say this makes them feel like they have their life together. What is it?
A: A clean car

5/7: 53% of American families have two of these in their home.
A: Refrigerators

5/6: We experience _________ over 1,400 times a year.
A: Dreams

5/5: Around 1/3 of people say that _________ is the only thing they love about their job.

5/4: 79% of adults do this on their birthday. What is it?
A: Have sex

5/1: 57% of us have done this less since the start of the pandemic. What is it?
A: Waste food

4/30: The average woman spends 6 minutes per day doing this. What is it?
A: Removing makeup and skin care products

4/29: 3% of Americans have it but 30% THINK they do. What is it?

4/28: One in 10 women love their _________ more than their partner/spouse.
Answer: Pet

4/27: The average American spends $6 a week on _________.
Answer: lottery tickets

4/24: 31% of guys have borrowed _________ from their wife/girlfriend.
A: Deodorant

68% of women say that men should never wear _________, especially on a date.
A: Skinny jeans

4/22: Teenage girls do this about once a week, while teenage boys do it about once a month. What is it?
A: Slam a door

4/21: 35% of women say it's a huge turn-off when a guy works on their _________ too much.
A: tan

4/20: On average, a child uses a _________ 730 times by their 10th birthday.
A: Color crayon

4/17: According to Uber Eats, what is the most popular food delivered in the U.S.?
A: French fries

4/16: The average married couple does this 5 times a week. What is it?
A: Kiss

4/15: 37% of women say they'd be willing to give up _________ in exchange for never having to do housework again.
A: Alcohol

4/14: 41% of people can always remember this number from their past. What is it?
A: License plate from first car

4/13: _________ is the most hated college course that students this year are glad they get to finish online.
A: Calculus

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