Today is Ash Wednesday -- the day Catholics around the world will be marked with a cross of black ash on their foreheads, to remain there the rest of the day.

Ash Wednesday begins the season of Lent, the weeks-long period of repentance before Easter when Christians celebrate Christ's resurrection from the dead.

Now that you are understanding of this particular religious tradition and its basis, I'm imploring you -- for your own good and to spare the discomfort of others -- to please not be "THAT Guy" on Ash Wednesday.

Here's what I mean...

I once embarrassed the hell out of myself many years ago when I alerted a person whom I didn't even know that they had "some dirt on their face." And don't ask, "What's the 'T' stand for?"

Yeah. Don't be THAT guy. And, hopefully, if you are denying your flesh in repentance for the next six weeks, you didn't pick today to give-up making "whopee"!

This has been a friendly public service announcement from Todd E. Lyons, Esquire and 94.5 KATS.

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