Earlier this morning I made a snarky comment about the Washington State Department of Transportation's effort in placing shipping containers, filled with concrete traffic barriers, along Interstate 82 to help stop a potential mud and/or rock slide on Rattlesnake Ridge.

Moments later, I received this email from the good folks at the WSDOT Communications Department:

"Good morning,
I work in the communications office with the Washington State Department of Transportation. I just wanted to reach out because one of my colleagues was listening to your morning show and heard information regarding the freight containers we are installing along Thorp Road. I just want to clarify these freight containers aren’t intended to stop the landslide. Our first priority is the driver along I-82 and the freight containers are more of a precautionary and safety measure to keep rocks from coming down and hitting I-82. We continue to work with state geologists and Columbia to monitor the landslide area. As soon as we start seeing rocks fall or an increase in movement of the slide area we will close I-82.

If you have any questions or need more information please feel free to contact me. Thanks for getting this information out to you audience."

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