Yesterday, as I was driving, I was following a white van that had no markings or logo on it other than some black lettering spelling out the name of the business. I won't specifically call them out here but, suffice it to say, it was for a septic service that touts that they are budget-friendly. What made me giggle though was that the lettering was in the "Comic Sans" font.
Either the owner has an amazing sense of humor or it is the most ironic thing I have seen in a long time!

It reminded me of a post I did about a decade ago where I tried to prove that some messages simply should not be written in cartoonish fashion.

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I'm reprising here today. See if you agree.

"Everyday my immediate supervisor (whose name, Rik Mikals, shall remain nameless) sends us an e-mail with words of wisdom in hopes of inspiring us.  They are often tidbits from some of the greatest thinkers, businessmen and leaders in the history of man.  Albert Einstein, Voltaire, Mary Kay...  You get the drill.

What I find funny is that he exclusively uses the font known as "Comic Sans". I'm sure you've seen it.  It looks like text from a comic book or like a child's handwriting done with crayon.
Needless to say, the positive message that is to be relayed is sometimes lost on me because of the juvenile nature of the script.
After reading this essay, I thought what other messages, MUCH more important than a daily devotional, might lose their effectiveness if they too were written using Comic Sans."
Here are my top six:

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