Last Monday (Sept. 28) my personal Facebook feed was filled with pictures of my friends sons. It was cool to see how proud everybody was to show off their young men.
For whatever reason, I was totally oblivious to the fact that it was National Sons Day. I wasn't aware that there was such an animal but it stands to reason as there is, seemingly, a National Fill-In-The-Blank Day for just about everything. Heck, today (Oct. 5) is, literally, National Get Funky Day!

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With that knowledge, I felt badly for not taking a moment to brag on my son, Drew. I want a redux. According to their website, "on National Sons Day we think about our boys and the legacy we leave behind as parents."

For those of you that have listened to KATS over the years have probably heard my boy on the radio from time to time. He will sometimes come in to the studio with me on the weekend and do a couple of breaks with me on the air. He's certainly never been mic shy!

Drew is now a Sophomore at East Valley High School. He loves sports (the apple didn't fall far from the tree!) and has taught himself to play the keyboard, clarinet, alto and baritone saxophone as well as his latest passion, the guitar. I'm super proud with how he has stuck with it!

I truly hope that I am molding him to be a respectable young man that eventually becomes self-sufficient in whatever makes him genuinely happy.

For those of you that ask me how my son is doing when I'm out and about, I truly appreciate it!

Drew E. Lyons, Esquire


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