I have tons of fond memories at Christmastime as a child growing up in Lake City just outside of Seattle.

TSM/Todd Lyons

This photo Christmas "card" (printed on Kodak paper!) is from almost exactly 47 years ago. I was just a week or two from turning three years-old. My brother, Justin (left) was about 17 months old.

Our house at the time was single level and did not have a fireplace. This was disconcerting to me. How would St. Nick slide down the chimney if there wasn't one?!?!

My parents resolved that issue by buying a CARDBOARD fireplace and hearth that had a small light bulb that was covered by bits or red and yellow plastic to make it look like fire. To this day, I can recall falling asleep with that glow flickering into my bedroom!

I hope you have great memories of Christmas like I do. If not, start making some now!

TSM/Todd Lyons

My mom stopped by the radio station yesterday and dropped off this old photo from my childhood. I'm not sure what year it is but I'm going to guess I'm about 5 and my brother (crying) around 3 1/2.
Santa Claus appears to be well into his 60's. Based on those estimations, the fashion at the time on display and the picture is in COLOR, I'm thinking this was taken around Christmas of 1976.

I'm not sure why my little bro was crying other than it appears his candy cane is busted and then the obvious -- Santa Claus is kinda creepy to little kids.

Here's a shot of me with Santa 43 years later (Ed. note: brother replaced with Barbie doll)

TSM/John Taylor

Rock on AND Merry Christmas! \m/ \m/
Todd E. Lyons, Esquire and family

And now, for your viewing pleasure that will haunt your holiday, even more creepy Santas!

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