Many years ago, when I was dating a past girlfriend, Christmas time came and went. We had a discussion on our possible future. A future that looked into kids, and how we would raise them. You know, stuff that couples talk about when you are young and in love. Well, with Christmas in the air, the topic of Santa Claus was one we discussed.

I've always felt that Santa Claus is the "Spirit of Christmas" so he's real. When people stop believing in him, the spirit of Christmas, aka Santa Claus, stops believing in them. My girlfriend felt that if our hypothetical future kids would learn about Santa, they might start questioning other things in life. Which, I could see her point. On the flip side, if that was the case, how much money would the tooth-fairy be able to save every year? I felt that we should just let the kids, be kids. Let them have fun and their innocents survive as long as it can. There will be plenty of time for them to question the world and all the weird things that don't make sense.

Then I came into the radio station one night, and was working with audio. In my recording I said the jolly old fat man's name, and accidentally hit the "Reverse Audio" setting. What I heard, kind of shook me to my core. Even to the point where I thought about giving in and admitting my girlfriend was right. Check out the video below to hear an example of what I heard that night.

Yes, to me, after hearing it that night, Santa Claus, backwards sounds suspiciously like "Sell Christmas". Now with the holiday being so commercialized, looking back, this make sense. Now, I know that what people hear is all up to interpretation, but my jaw dropped. For those that do not want to hear or even think of this holiday blasphemy, take comfort in this, according to Wikipedia, Santa is a legendary character centered around the great Saint Nicholas and all the good he did. Knowing this, it helps me keep the Spirit of Christmas alive and well.


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