It's been really cool the last 48 hours seeing all my friends posting pics and tributes to their fathers - some I know well, others not at all.

Here's mine:
"My dad, Don, is the tree that this apple didn't fall too terribly far from.
He grew up not having his father on Earth after he was around 15 years old.
I can't imagine that.
He's always asked me if I tried my best and, no matter how I answered, always reminded me that - ultimately - I could never fool the man in the mirror.
We've shared love of sport, at a minimum sometimes, discovered music together - from John Prine to Nina Simone - and sharpened each other's ability to reason.
Mostly though, my dad showed me how to try to remain humble, have compassion for others and know my own worth.
He has, a time or two, said to me that I'm a "better version" of him.
I'll never receive a greater praise or compliment.
I love you Dad.
I hope I can always be a source of pride for you."


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