Not that I wasn't already stoked to have professional basketball back in Yakima, but getting to watch my 13 year-old son work as a ball kid for the team has made it that much more enjoyable.

Drew has been loving the opportunity to be on the floor during the SunKings games, filling up water bottles, handing cups of Powerade and towels to the players, shagging rebounds during warm-ups and even dust mopping the court (I wish I could get him to do that at home!)

He also likes the fact that he has an official lanyard with the SunKings logo, his name and job title ("Team Attendant") that he gets to wear as well as t-shirt. Last Friday, during Yakima's 101-96 win in the SunDome over the Kentucky Thoroughbreds, Drew was sporting a new, bright yellow shirt issued by the team, complete with a local business sponsorship on the back.

It was the color of the shirt combined with the name of the business that prompted me to dub the Team Attendants the "Whiz Kids."

See if you agree:

TSM/John Taylor
TSM/John Taylor

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