As we approach Mother's Day this Sunday, I thought I'd take a moment to publicly wish my mother, Ricki Lyons, a happy day and tell her that I love her.

I also want to tell my wife, Carrie (L), and my younger sister, Bonnie (R), the same.

They are ALL tremendous moms and I'm blessed to have them in my life!

My mom epitomizes the All-American mother. She is very caring, god-fearing and a great cook! It has been theorized that men often marry a woman that is similar to their mother and, for me, that is very close to the truth!

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Carrie is just that -- CARING! She, too, is also a great cook and my mom has taught her many recipes of my favorite meals. Carrie will do anything for my son, Drew, and my stepson, Gavin. She also gives great care to our kitties Marmalade and Marmaduke. On top of all that, she works full-time as a Cosmetologist and hair dresser.

We met at right around this time in 2002. That's where my third favorite mom comes in to the picture. My sister, Bonnie -- 10 years my junior -- was celebrating her birthday in Seattle and invited me to join. Her bestie and co-worker at the hair salon is now my wife, Carrie!

Bonnie also works full-time and has done a fantatic job in raising my nieces Kaleigh and Harlie as well as my nephew Trysten.

I love them all more than these words can display and I truly hope that you have some special ladies in your life to celebrate this Mother's Day!

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