What the hell just happened?

In the course of just a little more than 24 hours, the dream Apple Cup was smashed to smithereens.

Heading into last weekend, I was totally pumped for football despite the Seahawks having their "bye" (off) week and I could concentrate on fully watching the Washington State Cougars on Friday night and the Washington Huskies on Saturday evening.

When the #2 ranked Clemson Tigers went down to Syracuse I was giddy. The Dawgs would vault into the top four in the college football rankings and the Cougs could do no worse that being ranked seventh as they headed towards each other on a collision course to the annual Apple Cup as undefeated teams.

Of course, they had to win their games too but, c'mon man... WSU was a 16 point favorite as were the Huskies. Easy peasy.

But a funny thing happened. They both lost and looked horrible in doing so. A Seahawks bye week turned in to a GOOD-BYE weekend, as in: goodbye shot at a National championship. Good-bye epic Apple Cup. Good-bye Pac-12 relevancy in the eyes of the national media.

the 2017 Apple Cup will still be worth watching but the weekend of Friday the 13th definitely left a mark on both school's and their fans.

Man, am I glad the Seahawks didn't play on Sunday!

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