Taco Bell has made a major revamp not only in their stores but on their menu. For a couple of years, Taco Bell's menu has ditched a large amount of fan-favorite items. However, they promised a revamp of the menu in years to come with new items.

We've gotten a few new items and even had some old ones brought back like the taco pizza. Now we found a leaked menu with new items coming to taco bell across the country and to the Yakima Valley. Here are our top 5 most looked forward to items that were leaked online.

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5.) Cantina Crispy Melt Taco

The Cantina Crispy Melt Taco is back, with a crispy chicken tender as the meat of the taco, met with melted cheese veggies and chipotle sauce this is a kick in every bite.

4.) Deluxe Cravings box 

The Delux cravings box has been around for soemtime but has gotten a new update such as a Steak Chalupa supereme, Medium drink, chips, cheese, Doritos Locos Taco and a beefy 5 layer buritto.

3.) Toasted Breakfast Burrito 

Exaclty what it sounds like a breakfast burritto will make it's return, it's true taco bell still sells breakfst burittos but this is a cheesy egg and sausage toasted burrito to really start your day out Mas

2.) Cherry Twilight Freeze

The Cherry Twilight Freeze is making it's triumphant return and possible just in time for summer, with a blend of different berry flavors in a frozen drink is the perfect way to cool off this summer

1.) Crispy Chicken Wings

Once rummored may now be confiremd, inside the leak it was said that crispy chicken wings with taco bell seasoning and sauces will be making their way across the country to each and every taco bell. Question is will they hold up against major compeition or will the price and flavor make it worth it?

Did yoiu see anything you're excited to get back or new items you're dying to try? tap the app and let us know.


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