The last time I visited a Hooters restaurant was over 20 years ago, in Spokane, Washington. I'm going to admit that I was 20 years old and dumb, and the picture (seen below) was me attempting to be goofy, but in hindsight, it came out much creepier!

From what I remember about the lunchtime visit, it was Mother's Day (don't judge), and I bought a toasted cheese sandwich. The sandwich was alright but not nearly as good as the one I ate at Skippers (that one was made with garlic toast for the bread). The atmosphere was great, the restaurant was spotless and inviting, and the staff was fantastic and friendly (you can tell by a couple of crew members putting up with my dumbness for a picture).

3 guys, 2 girls at a hooters restaurant

Talking to one of my friends (pictured) about that adventure, I figured it was time for a return visit. To my shock, I CAN NOT!

How Many Hooter Locations Are In Washington?

It bums me out that there are ZERO! Zero locations in Washington. The one I visited seems to have closed within the past 6 years. It has been replaced by either a Mexican restaurant or a Church (I don't remember which half of the building it occupied). According to the Hooters website, there are no restaurants in Washington State. So, it looks like I'm gonna take a drive.

How Many Hooter Locations Are In Oregon?

Strike #2. Oregon, with all of its weirdness, has ZERO Hooter locations! I decided to check on two more states. To save you some time, Idaho is about as hip as Oregon and Washington are in the Hooters department!

How Many Hooter Locations Are In California?

7! There are 7 locations in California. Judging by reviews from Yelp and Tripadvisor, they are all rated close to the same score, although the locations in Rohnert Park and San Marcos scored slightly higher.

Here is the complete list of locations in California:

  • 1507 S. Coast Drive, Costa Mesa
  • 90 Aquarium Way, Long Beach
  • 1400 Camino De La Reina Ste. 115 (Mission Valley), San Diego
  • 725 N. Milliken Ave. (Ontario Mills), Ontario
  • 6099 Redwood Drive, Rohnert Park
  • 775 Center Drive, San Marcos
  • 8730 Garfield Ave., South Gate

For a full list of locations (WORLDWIDE), visit Have you ever been there? How was your experience? What did you get? Tap the App and share your story!

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Glimpse Inside El Paso''s New Hooters

Glimpse Inside El Paso's New Hooters'

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