I'm not lying when I say some of the best doughnuts you'll find in the world are located right here in Yakima. There's no lack of options from places to get doughnuts here in Yakima but one place that's been here for 20 years has always been consistent with their offerings and I'm thankful for it.

Doolie's Kitchen (formerly Don's Donuts & Julie's Java) is one of my favorite places. I've talked about how their chocolate cake doughnut may be the best doughnut I've ever had in my life but another one from their selection is one I can't deny, nor would I decline if offered. It's what they call their Bad Boy.

Think a maple bar, but without maple, but add a kind of chocolate crumb topping with loads of peanut butter.

Yep, I love it.

These aren't as showcased in their glass case as well as some of the other doughnuts but they're there. Or if you don't see them just ask for them.

And, when in doubt, you can always get those chocolate cake doughnuts as well. I know I do.

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