Growing up, desserts and baked treats were rare. We mainly only enjoyed them at parties and special occasions. In today's world, that special occasion can be anything! Sweet, no line at the bank; I'll reward myself with a pastry! Sweet, I mailed the bills on time; I might as well get a scone! No one got fired at work this week; I'll bring doughnuts to celebrate! Whatever the reason (or lack thereof) you are looking for a great treat, check these places out!

The Top 5 Bakeries in Seattle!

The website, Eater Seattle, created a list of Seattle's 18 most perfect bakeries. I looked into the google ratings and the number of reviewers to scale down their list to the top 5 Bakeries in Seattle.

Fresh Flours Phinney Ridge

Fresh Flours Phinney Ridge Google rating of 4.7 with 471 reviews.
A work away from work haunt, and my happy place for peanut butter cookies.” – Bobbi Miller

Fresh Flours Phinney Ridge pastries and coffee
Fresh Flours Phinney Ridge via Google Maps
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Patrick’s Café & Bakery

Patrick’s Café & Bakery rating of 4.8 with 305 reviews.
Love this place, comfort foods, Hawaiian food and bakery… very friendly owner.” – Johnny Rito

Patrick’s Café & Bakery via Google Maps

Fuji Bakery

Fuji Bakery – Elliott/Interbay rating of 4.7 with 635 reviews.
Incredible pastries, croissants, doughnuts, and so much more! My wife was super pleased to see the gluten-free options. Staff was top-notch!” – Nick Porter

Fuji Bakery via Google Maps

Byen Bakeri

Byen Bakeri rating of 4.7 with 891 reviews.
This place is jumping. If you want to get quality made Scandinavian bakery items, this is the place.”- E Chandler

Food Case
Byen Bakeri via Google Maps

Le Panier

Le Panier rating of 4.7 with 1,983 reviews.
Lovely classic French bakery located in Pike Place Market. Tried the almond chocolate croissant and coffee. Yummy on a cold afternoon walk around the market.” – Shilpa Balagopalan

Pastry bars
Le Panier via Google Maps

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