Imagine waking up in the morning, going outside to get your morning paper and seeing free TV's! You might think, "Sweet, my lucky day!" Then you realize, that they're the older style "fat back" TVs. Then you think, "Crap, now I have to deal with them!" Well, that's pretty much what happened to some Virginia residents this past weekend.

Looks like the "TV Santa Claus" went around to many houses in the Hampshire neighborhood, leaving more than 50 TVs on doorsteps. The truly weird thing is, the man was recorded on a doorbell surveillance camera, and he was wearing a TV on his head! Check out the video below.

The Henrico Police Department are involved, and have seen video from multiple homeowners. But they think it's just a prank, not targeting any particular household. The officers did spend a majority of this past Sunday picking up the discarded boob tubes and hauling them away for disposal. The only real crime that was committed by TV-Head is illegal dumping.


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