Anyone else wondering what they are going to be doing this weekend?

Well, you could take this guy's idea and practice your piloting skills in a pretty inventive way ...

That got me to thinking about the weirdest/most creative ways true stoners have probably tried to consume weed:

  1. Knife hits: The trailer park standard. When you have an electric stove and stick two butter knives in the grill until they glow red and placing the flower in between the knives. It looks as stupid as it sounds.
  2. Bathtub gravity bong: The high school shop class kids always had great ideas. Like using a two liter bottle and a bathtub for massive bong hits.
  3.  The soda can pipe: Forgot your papers? Left your pipe at home? Every true stoner has used a fork to poke holes into the top of an empty soda they just chugged to empty.
  4. Apple pipe: This is a Washington must at some point. Tastes pretty good, or so we hear.
  5. Jesus bong. Bong hits for Jesus, anyone? Of course, it MUST be Baby Jesus ...
Dangerous Minds
Dangerous Minds

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