Welcome back to Vinyl 101. Last week we talked about buying records and making sure you don't break your budget. We also talked about being wary of re-sellers who might have all the records you want but will overcharge to make a quick buck. If you wish to revisit that article, you can find that by clicking here. This week we will go over using websites such as Discogs and eBay to obtain albums.

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Use Discogs/Amazon Marketplace and eBay with extreme caution

Let's face it, if you live in a small town, the chances of finding the records that you want are going to be VERY slim. That's where the internet comes in. Now don't get me wrong, I have used all Discogs, Amazon Marketplace and eBay to acquire albums for a decent price that I couldn't find anywhere else. Of the three, I have only been burned on AMP. Now all three services offer a money-back guarantee if you get stiffed. However, it's a long arduous process to get refunded. Now some sellers make mistakes and it happens. But there are some out there that are notorious for stiffing. The best way to avoid this? Check the seller's rating. If they have a good score and a ton of positive feedback, they're most likely not to stiff you.

Xander's Vinyl Pick of the Week

London Calling

The Clash - London Calling
Being I am still on a bit of a Brit-Rock kick as of recent, what better way than to throw some punk vibes your way. Only one band can satisfy that craving -- The Clash. Though "London Calling" is more of a rock album with the band's incorporation of different musical genre's such as Ska, Reggae, Rockabilly, and even Pop music. "London Calling" is a must for any growing vinyl collection.

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