Sorry for the delay in posting, but we are back and it's time once again to pull out the milk crates and enjoy a few stacks of wax. Yes, it's time for Vinyl 101!

This week, we delve into vinyl lots. For many who are unfamiliar with this term -- a vinyl lot is where a seller is selling off a bulk of his collection to someone who is looking to build their own. Most of the time noobs will jump at the opportunity to bid/buy a vinyl lot, but are you really getting a good deal?


Vinyl lot sales are hit and miss.

A couple of weeks ago, a buddy of mine asked me about a vinyl lot sale he found on Craigslist. The first thing I asked was "Did you contact the seller and ask for a list of records in the lot?" He did get in contact with the seller -- and the seller was more than willing to offer not only the list of records but photos as well. After reviewing the list/photos I then explained that this vinyl lot was somewhat decent with the exception of a few throwaway albums. But I also explained that you need to check the condition of the albums before you offer a price.

Now here comes the tricky part: negotiating a price for the lot. A few years ago, most people who had a vinyl collection they wanted to part with were mainly doing it because of clutter in their house. Back then you could walk away with a stack of wax for less than $50. Nowadays being that everyone is starting to collect vinyl, sellers are looking to make a quick buck and will try to demand a ridiculous price.

These albums may or may not be in the best shape. When I look into a lot sale, I always check each album for ripped covers, missing sleeves, missing artwork that came with the album (prime example The Beatles "White Album" came with a poster and four photos), and lastly the record itself. Does the album have a massive amount of scratches? Is the album warped? These are things you must consider before making that big plunge in acquiring a vinyl lot. Yes, you're getting a ton of records that you can use for bragging rights to your friends. But if it's a bunch of wax that can be best used to make bowls, best to steer clear.

Must-Have Record of the Week


Prince and The Revolution - Purple Rain
If you're not familiar with Prince and all the excellence he does musically, this is the record for you! Though "his purpleness" has released a plethora of amazing records, Purple Rain stands out as his best. Not only does it feature the classic's Let's Go Crazy, When Doves Cry, and Purple Rain (for which he won an Academy Award) but from beginning to end, it's nothing short of a masterpiece. Somewhere in heaven, Prince and Jimi Hendrix are having that jam session that keeps playing in my head.

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