It's amazing how things can simply line up... we are put back into a second lock-down and then boom, we get another "weekend concert" from Volbeat. If you're like me, this is exatly what I needed to help keep positive and rocking! In a post on their Facebook page, their new live album, Rewind, Replay, Rebound: Live in Deutschland, will be dropping on November 27th, 2020 and they wanted to give fans a sneak peak of the action! Instead of a sneak peak, we get a full concert!


Watch VOLBEAT: Live In Cologne on Thursday 19 November at 7pm CET / 1pm EST / 10am PST on YouTube. The broadcast will be available for 72 hours only - click here to set a reminder:

Posted by Volbeat on Wednesday, November 18, 2020


The new album is available for pre-order right now via their website, awesome concert, that was recorded live in Cologne, Germany back on November 14th, 2019, will only be available to watch for free for 72 hours (ending Sunday night). It is one of the better ones that I have seen, especially since the banter between the songs is actually in English! The band is bilingual, so some concerts of theirs you watch, and will understand the songs and headbang to the music, but the laughter, talking, and crowd hyping between the songs, leaves you scratching your head.

Check the nearly 2 hour concert out below, or on the bands front page of their website (above) and rock out to such hits as Fallen, Die To Live, Leviathan, The Devil's Bleeding Crown, Still Counting and many many more! Thank you Volbeat, this is just what we needed!


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