Wanna Play Family Bingo? It Is This Friday Night in Yakima!

Family Bingo Night at Washington Fruit Community Center May 6, 2022
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I love playing bingo! It is one of my favorite games to play. You can sit there and pay moderate attention to the bingo caller and chill and talk with your friends. I once planned my birthday parties at the old bingo hall on S 3rd and Mead. During the COVID-19 pandemic lock down I played numerous virtual bingo games with players from all over the country. I played Drag Queen Bingo and Family Bingo, too. So much fun! Now there is a family bingo night coming to Yakima at the Washington Fruit Center on N. 4th St on May 6th!

The event is starts at 6:30 p.m. They will have small bingo cards available to play for just a dollar. If you want to be a big roller and increase chances of winning, you can get one of their big bingo cards. Those will cost players $5 each.

Prizes will of course be available if you are one of the lucky ones who wins a round of Family Night bingo.

The Family Bingo Night at the Washington Fruit Community Center ends around 8:30 p.m, so you can expect about two (2) hours of family fun!

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The Yakima Parks and Recreation department has been working hard behind the scenes to provide a wide range of fun activities for Yakima families to enjoy. I think this Family Bingo Night is an excellent idea! Hope to see you and your family there!

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