Being an introvert is hard. Some may think that it's gotten easier in this day an age, but it's actually quite the opposite.

With all the social media and technological advancements, you'd think that it would be an introvert's dream come true. But for most, it is not.

Introverts are shy. Most want to engage and be part of things, but it's complicated.

Some people fear getting out of their comfort zones. The internet can worsen this fear by showing you friends and family living it up, something you long to do.

But you're scared, and then depression hits. It's a vicious circle.

drawing of a girl holding her legs, map of washington behind her.

Some can see the drama that it can bring and are happy to go it alone.

For those people, what can you do for fun?

So what are some things for introverts to do? Especially things that won't cost an arm and a leg.

That was the question that Reddit user StrangeMango1211 asked, and she got quite the wide variety of suggestions.

Besides hiking, what can someone do by themselves for under $20 in Washington?

Public Market in Seattle, Cartoon image of a girl in ahh

Walk and bike around town and explore the city and nature (with minimum hiking).

guy sitting on a hill reading a book. Cartoon of a boy excited

Arboretums, gardens, and parks. A relaxing day at the park requires only a blanket, a snack, and a book or podcast. Enjoy!

T-Rex skull at a museum. Cartoon boy excited

Museums, some offer free days.

Ferry in the water. cartoon girl excited

Ferry and or Train Tours. If your city has them, look into it.

woman reading a book. Cartoon of a boy holding a book

Silent Book Club

woman walking 3 dogs. Cartoon girl excited

Volunteer, especially if you like animals; the shelters could use the help.

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Look in your city for a free local calendar. Many have them, and they can give you great ideas for activities.

What do you enjoy doing by yourself that you'd like to share? Tap the App and let us know.

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