I was just looking around the Washington Lottery website seeing what I could see. I figure if I spend a little time looking on it then maybe that will bring me good luck when I play the lotto! HAWell to my crazy surprise, there are several unclaimed prizes on there. 2 of them are from our area. One is from Yakima and one is from Moxee!

I cannot believe this! When I purchase a Lotto ticket and it is drawn I look it up right then and there! I cannot even imagine not looking! (but I am still going to check mine)

The one from Yakima is worth $10,000.00 bucks and it will expire on October 10th, 2013! The one from Moxee is worth $10,000.00 and it expires on March 19th of 2014! That person has a little time but not the person from Yakima!

I am going home tonight and double checking my tickets! I really hope it is mine!

Check your Lotto tickets! It could be you worth $10,000.00 bucks!


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