To hear just about ANYONE talk ANYWHERE, you would think that the area you were in at any given time was the home and epicenter of the Worst Drivers in the World.


When I see others bitchin' and moanin' about how awful other motorists are, I am immediately reminded of a classic bit by the late, comedic genius George Carlin who once said, basically, that anyone who doesn't drive exactly like you... sucks.

I cannot say for sure if our driving here in Yakima is abjectly better or worse than any other Smalltown, USA and I normally do not get to terribly irritated when being the wheel (Well, there is that ONE thing...), but according to a recent study by our awesome peeps at, we Washingtonians live in the THIRD WORST state to drive in out of all 50!

They arrived at their overall rankings by compiling data such as:
* Auto thefts
* Gas prices
* Repair/maintenance costs
* Road conditions/Infrastructure
* Rush hour/Traffic congestion

Where our score really takes it in the shorts is with gas/fuel prices. We rate only just ahead of California and Hawaii!

Wonder how we stack up against other states in the Pacific Northwest? Wonder no more! Here's a snazzy interactive map that will let you compare against others (see: below).

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Drive safely and rock on! \m/ \m/
Todd E. Lyons, Esquire

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