Nothing in life is free. Someone, somewhere, is going to pay for it.

Yes, that is true, but if payment wasn’t an option, what would be a good gift?

What type of gift would represent our city, valley, or state?

We asked our listeners and readers the question:

What free thing should be given to visitors who come to Washington?

For the immediate answer of “Nothing is free,” the rebuttal to that comment was a simple one-word answer: “Advice.

Welcome to Washington sign, tourists with a map, and a hand holding out a present.

There were a lot of joke answers (at least, I hope they were being sarcastic and joking).

  • Dirt
  • A postcard
  • A ticket back home / Map with directions to leave
  • Condoms
  • Narcan

One answer seemed so brilliant that I think it would actually work: a one-day pass to our local parks!

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With as much as we spend on Discover passes, I’d love it when my relatives from out of town come and visit; they take ME somewhere fun and relaxing.

As great a suggestion as a Park Pass is, it is not the top suggestion for what to give visitors.

Washington state outline with red words on it.

Here are the Top 3 Suggestions for Washington Visitor Gifts:

#3 Nothing
They don’t need anything. The beauty of Washington is enough.

Road sign that says nothing, nada, zilch, with a thumbs up, painted green with the Washington state seal.

#2 Beer / Wine!
Our state is plentiful of hops and vineyards, so why not!?

a wine glass and a beer stein being held by two different people, toasting.

#1 Apple
It makes sense. We are known for them, they taste great, and if we don’t really like the visitor (looking at you, my creepy cousin), they can make really good projectiles.

Townsquare Media / Sarah J
Townsquare Media / Sarah J

Agree with these 3? What would you give a visitor to Washington? Tap the App and let us know!

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