I'm not going to lie; I've had crushes on my co-workers. Thankfully I've never been in the "family business" (bad joke). But in my other jobs, I have had crushes on co-workers. At one job, I dated the person for about 6 months. We were in different departments, so management didn't have an issue with it. When we broke up, it was for reasons flat out that our feelings weren't growing for each other. No sense in wasting anyone's time. We've remained friends and have moved on with our lives and careers. It could have gone much, much worse!

A new survey from Fish Bowl App shows that office-place romances are more common than thought. 21% of working professionals have a crush on a co-worker out of almost 10,000 people surveyed.


This makes sense; for many people, their job is their "social circle." The survey also details how the Accounting and Advertising industries rank the biggest for "job crushes" at 22%, followed by the Human Resource Department. That seems surprising to me, but then again, we're all human. That would be funny, "You're in trouble. Go report to yourself in HR!"


According to a survey from the Society for Human Resource Management, office romances (not just crushes) were at 50% in 2021. The pandemic really can bring people together, even when we're zooming apart.


If you're looking for love in your workplace, just be careful you don't cross the line with sexual harassment. If a supervisor is involved, keep the whole "quid-pro-quo" aspect in mind. When in doubt, check with HR. If you are HR, then YOU SHOULD KNOW!

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