As a kid, like many, I liked to collect and play with bugs. No, I didn’t go all serial killer on them and torcher them. No magnifying glass with aunts burning. No fireflies in glass jars. No capturing butterflies. I think the cruelest thing I ever did, was once a grasshopper jumped at my face, and my 9-year-old reflexes ninja slapped it away in mid-air and sent it flying. I don’t consider that cruel, but more like self-defense. Well, I did find a bug that had its own self-defense and pretty much ended my creep-crawling curiosities from that day forward. The Stink Bug!

The brown marmorated Stink Bugs are no stranger to the Pacific Northwest, especially at this time of year. But thanks to changes in weather patterns, researchers at Washington State University with Pest Management Science believe they could increase by 70%. You think that’s bad; their spray can travel several inches, linger on objects, and spread easily. In other words, if you get it on your carpet and try to clean it up with your vacuum, you’ll just help spread the funk.

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What Attracts Stink Bugs?

They like crops, fruits, and vegetables, even if the produce on your kitchen counter. They are also like moths and are attracted to lights. If that’s not bad enough for us, they’re attracted to many things in nature here in Washington. Our trees, weeds, shrubs, vines, etc. Also, Stink Bugs can attract other Stink Bugs through their pheromones. If you find one, they might have already invited their friends.

How to Prevent Stink Bugs From Getting Into Your Home!

The ways to keep them out are pretty basic. If any entry points are broken, repair them: torn window screens, weather strippings, etc. If you are bringing things in from outside, give it a good look over to ensure you have no hitchhikers. Limit your porch lights. If you keep a garden, keep it maintained and away from your house.

How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs!

Don’t squish them. Call a professional, or if possible, sweep it into a bucket and then release them far away from your house, or fill the bucket with a couple of inches of soapy water.



Beautiful Plants That Also Keep The Bugs Away

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