With the discovery of a 17-inch fossil in the San Juan Islands in 2012, and the desire of a class of Tacoma area fourth-graders, Washington may soon have an official state dinosaur if House Bill 2155 passes, co-sponsored by 31 Democratic and Republican lawmakers. And the name is Suciasaurus rex.

This is the only dinosaur fossil ever discovered in the state -- in Sucia Island State Park by paleontologists from the Burke Museum.


And a class of fourth-graders at Parkland Elementary School, near Tacoma, successfully began a petition to get the state to classify the contents of the discovery as the official dinosaur of Washington. It looks like that could come to fruition.


If S-rex becomes the state dinosaur -- and it's likely since it's the only one in the running -- it will become Washington's 22nd symbol.  Apples are the state fruit, orcas the state marine mammal and the Walla Walla sweet onion is the state vegetable. There’s a state fossil (Columbian Mammoth), waterfall (Palouse Falls) and fish (steelhead trout).

The Burke Museum

If it happens, Washington would become the 12th state with an official dinosaur.

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